Why You Should Consider Buying A Quality Down Comforter

by : teahupoo

Comfort with Comforters

The word comforter is derived from the word comfort, the state of being comfortable. Comforters made of Down and Primaloft offer the ultimate in light weight, warm, plush comfort. The bed of feathers offered comfort and warmth to lie on.The feather bed comfort birthed the cowlite, a sleeping bag type of mattress and coverlet and then the Comforter; a feather filled casing used as a lightweight but warm covering to wrap one's self in comfort.

Down Comforters

Down is the harvested molting process of farm-raised geese. Duck down as well as Goose down is used for down comforters, the main difference between them being odor, as goose down has little or no odor. Goose down is the more expensive of the two and if the label does not say Goose Down then more than likely it is duck down. Feathers, a by-product of the poultry industry are used to bulk and increase durability of the comforter.

Down is the loft and insulation. Fill Power is the measure of fluffiness. A higher number means higher quality and more durability (800+), and a medium number of 600+ is rated as good quality. Cleanliness of the fill is primary in determining the hypoallergenic nature of some down comforters. Fills are washed to get rid of dust, dirt and organic matter. There are two "cleanliness" tests for the fills that go into Down Comforters that determine if the fill meets government standards. Syriaca is a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic and is used in combination with Down. The Syraica Floss suppresses and traps dust and dander.

The Primaloft comforter

The Primaloft comforter, a synthetic "clean" allergen free, down alternative, is made from ultra-fine microscopic fibers. Like down, Primaloft clusters are blown into pillows and comforters, resulting in a down-like appearance, lightweight, breathable and warm. Primaloft's micro-fibers are softer and finer than silk, creating a feeling matched only by down. This is why Primaloft is the only patented alternative to a down comforter.

The Inside And Outside Story

The inside story is about the "fill". When shopping for your comforter or a comforter as a gift, determine the type of fill that best fit's your need and budget. It is best to choose a Down or Primaloft fill since many synthetic fills break down and give off harmful chemicals as they age. With Down or Primaloft you know you have chosen quality as well as a safe product.

The outside story is about the casing that the fill is blown into. Quality and hypoallergenic materials would be wool or cotton, with cotton most often the choice. Egyptian cotton with a denier of 300-thread count would be of the highest quality for durability and softness but followed closely by unbleached cotton at 250 denier. The pattern of billowing the outer casing top and bottom will determine the overall look of the comforter.

Comforters make wonderful gifts for anyone on your list and for any occasion. They are both durable and useful and who doesn't like getting a gift of quality and usefulness? Comforters are the main staple of bedroom decor. Everyone deserves to wrap up in a quality, comfy comforter. That is why a comforter of Down or Primaloft is a wonderful gift to give anyone, including yourself.