All About The Mattress!

by : Perception

Those of us who think that mattresses are just something to plunk ourselves on and while away the night, couldn't be more wrong. We simply might have to rethink again. The fact is that we spend one-fourth of our lives in bed and what should demand our maximum attention often goes unnoticed- for example the mattress that we sleep on.

We make the mistake of undermining the importance of mattresses by considering them to be just another part of our furniture. But this is not so. A bad mattress can be worse than the cavity in your tooth. It can cause spinal problems, muscles aches and sleep problems. The net result would be a stressed head over an equally unhealthy body.

So be very careful about choosing the mattress where you will be spending a good proportion of your life.

There are different types of mattresses available in the market today and what we decide to buy depends solely on our needs and specifications. For some foam mattresses might be the ideal choice while you may find others swearing by a spring mattress. Waterbeds and airbeds are other popular form of mattresses with their own set of merits and demerits to follow. The reason why people don't prefer air beds is because they are designed for temporary sleeping rather than daily usage. Its good to have an air mattress around when you are out camping or if you have guests over at your place. As for the water beds, they aren't considered to be very practical either because of the weight that they carry. Many homes are not designed to take the weight of a waterbed in one place.

A very popular myth running amongst most people is that hard mattresses are better in comparison to the softer ones. But this is not necessarily true. What is more important is the consistency of the surface of the mattress. The mattress should not cause pressure points in your body and leave you feeling sore. It should feel comfortable and should be in alignment with your spine so as to avoid any unwanted pressure on your other muscles and body parts.

What Is The Right Time To Change Your Mattress?

It is very essential for the user to know when his mattress needs to be replaced. Sometimes the regular use of the mattress might leave behind the impression of your body on it. In such cases you should try rotating or turning your mattress every three months at the least. Moreover the most important signal that your mattress might give you will be its inability to help you in a good night's sleep. That's right- when you start feeling uncomfortable in your old mattress or if you get up every morning with a sore back you can be sure that your mattress is desperately crying out for its retirement.

If you are prepared to buy a new replacement for your mattress be sure to check it out for yourself. Lie down on it and see if you are comfortable enough. If it meets both your price as well as comfort level then you can be sure that you have made the right choice!