Liven Up Your Patio - Wooden Patio Covers

by : infocus

Having a patio gives the house an extra dimension and an attractive outdoor space. For people who love the outdoors, having a patio means having an extra room and allows for a wonderful home-to-garden transition.

1. The Benefits Of Patio Covers

It serves mainly as a protection from the harmful rays of the sun but patio covering also has more benefits. With different materials on the market, you can create a stylish look with your patio cover. It gives you a full range of opportunities to make your home even more beautiful than it was before. There are a lot of materials to choose from but if you are also concerned about style and beauty to grace your patio, then wood patio covers are just the thing for you. Wooden patio covers is a stylish way to protect you from the heat of the sun as well as the rain. It also adds value to the house.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Spaces

With your new stylish wooden patio covering, outdoor activities are more enjoyable. Enjoy the convenience of outdoor beauty, or use your barbeque during weather conditions like rain where you would typically be unable to.

3. Wood Is More Beautiful

Aesthetically speaking, wood has gained supremacy over different materials used in making patio coverings. Hardwoods like cedar and redwood are usually used in making wooden patio covers. This material gives you the natural beauty of wood grain that simply isn't available with any other materials on the market. Plus the variety of ways one could do to accentuate the designs on their patios.

- Turn your patio into a beautiful work of art
- Impress your friends
- Give your backyard a personal style
- Add value to your home
- Protect your patio from the elements
- Barbeque during rain or snow conditions
- Provides shade during summer heat
- Wood costs less than other materials, about 20-30% cheaper than vinyl or aluminum.

4. Disadvantages of Wood

Wood covers need a lot of maintenance over the years. They require a regular treatment to prevent water from seeping into the wood, and deter insects from eating into the wood itself. Wooden patio covers are susceptible to damages brought about by rain, wind and sun. Since wood deteriorates faster than the synthetic materials because of the nature's interfering elements, it will need extra attention. FOr this reason, preservatives should be applied to the wood in the first two years. This is done to ensure the durability of the wood. Application of the preservatives after two years is within every three years. Over the years your low investment with wood patio covering would increase. With the cost of maintenance at hand, having a vinyl or aluminum covering would cost you less in the long run.