Tips on Taking Care of Bedsteads and Mattresses

by : rhusain

Cleaning the bedrooms sometimes can become a problem. But as we use this room most of the time to resting ourselves, cleaning is a major priority. Get some tips on to clean this room. How do I take proper care on mattress and pillows? These are some useful tips for you.

With the vogue for ranch and other one-floor houses not to mention apartments you may not have an upstairs, but that doesn't mean that you can sidestep second-floor problems. Bedrooms and bathrooms will be somewhere about.

BEDSTEADS AND MATTRESSES are of top importance because your proper rest depends upon them. Lumps and depressions in your mattress, inner springs that emit musical notes when you turn, soiled ticking, and lack of bounce are warnings that your bed is no longer what it used to be, but a new mattress may not be necessary. Available almost everywhere are firms that specialize in renovation. They will repair springs and clean, sterilize, or completely remake your mattress at a nominal cost; they can even change its size.

ROUTINE CARE OF A MATTRESS includes periodic dusting with a stiff brush or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Do both sides, the edges, and the springs underneath. Then, if possible, freshen it with sun and air. While you have the bedding off, dust the bedstead too, getting into all the corners and crannies, and then give it a beauty treatment. (See Furniture Care for various materials.) If your mattress shows soil, you can clean it with a good upholstery shampoo, following the directions on the container or with the dry suds from a rich solution of mild soap or detergent, and lukewarm water. Be very careful not to get the mattress too wet. Rinse with a sponge wrung out of clear water and let one side dry thoroughly before cleaning the other. Quilted pads or envelope-style covers protect mattresses from dust and stains and make beds more comfortable too.

HAIR MATTRESSES should be kept free of dust and about once a week they should be turned over and the top and bottom reversed. This gives them a chance to recover from pressures and stains. At this time a thorough airing (windows wide open even if only for a little while) will help rejuvenate mattresses and pillows too. It's surprising how those pillows fluff when freshened near an open window or outdoors.

FOAM RUBBER MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS keep fairly clean and dust free. Their makers say they breathe out the dust however, they can be dusted with a brush or wiped with a cloth wrung out of mild soapsuds if you feel you really must. They do not need turning.

KAPOK MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS should be sunned and aired often to keep them in good condition. You can dust the ticking, but the pillows cannot be washed.

GLASS FIBER PILLOWS and crib mattresses stuffed with glass fibers are light in weight, fireproof, don't wad up, and can be washed unless covered with a non-washable material. Do them by hand though, using cool to lukewarm suds made with mild soap or detergent. Squeeze the suds through the material gently, rinse thoroughly, but do not rub or twist them.

FOR STAINS ON MATTRESSES see instructions for the various types in the chapter on Spots and Stains.

You can repair the springs and clean the mattress at nominal cost in spite of changing them with the new one to save the cost. Routine care of mattress is important to make you feel more comfortable as you don't have to worry about the dust and stains. Dusted and put your hair mattresses on the open air to maintain the shape of the pillows and mattresses. Rubber mattresses and pillows can be clean using the brush.