Faroy Candles - Find Out How This Company Got Started

by : peter1

Faroy candles were first made in 1950. Two college friends named Preston Frazier and Addison McElfroy decided to make their own Christmas presents that year because they had no money to buy them. They chose to make candles, but had no intention of starting a business. Friends and family liked the creations and asked for more. A buyer for a fashion store in Houston saw the candles and suggested they take their Faroy candles to a trade show in New York. At that time, the candles didn't have a name, but the two creators came up with Faroy candles as a combination of the two surnames.

Although Faroy candles are very popular today, they are not manufactured in the same manner as they first were. Each Faroy candle was poured and carved by hand. To do this today would raise the price of the candles significantly because of the labor costs involved. Even if you purchased the Faroy candles wholesale, they would still be expensive. Candles under the name Faroy are relatively inexpensive and offer a much wider choice in colors and scents that other brand names.

When the creators of Faroy candles expanded into a business, they expanded the palette of colors offered for the candles. The first Faroy candle was available only in Christmas colors, but as more and more companies wanted to sell Faroy candles wholesale, candles became available for all occasions. Companies that sold candleholders carried the Faroy brand as did florists, which really helped to build the business.

Enjoy votive, tapered and pillar candles when you decide to purchase a Faroy candle. You won't be disappointed in your choice and with the wide array of colors and scente, you can have Faroy candles for every room of the home. Ordering from an online retailer is the best way to buy Faroy candles wholesale. Then you have the quantities of candles that you want for the whole year at a low price. When you do buy candles by Faroy in bulk at wholesale prices, just make sure that you store them in a cool dry place so that they will retain their shape.

Faroy candles are available in many locations. This is not a franchise company and is why you can buy them from many different retailers. When you order Faroy candles online, you can save money because you get them at a wholesale price. Some of the retailers do not charge shipping on the candles, so this is something that you should check out when you search online for sites where you can buy the perfect Faroy candle for your needs.