The Best Way to Maintain DryersThe Best Way to Maintain Dryers

by : rhusain

What will be the best way to maintain the electric clothes dryers? In this article you will learn the tips to maintain your dryers. Your electric iron also needs a special care, sometimes iron can become burned on starch when you iron the cloth in wet condition. Get the idea on maintaining your iron and your vacuum cleaner.

ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYERS must be kept clear of lint in order to function efficiently. After each day's use, with the switch turned to "off," clean out the lint tray at the base of the dryer, then wipe the inside of the lint-catcher chamber with a damp cloth. Use the long handled brush supplied with the dryer to clean also the opening marked "air intake." The lint trap, however, should be checked for accumulations after every three loads of clothing. Once a month the inside of the dryer should be thoroughly cleaned.

TO VACUUM-CLEAN YOUR DRYER, which may be recommended in the instructions, attach the hose to the blower end. Begin at the top and move the hose slowly over the inside of the spinner basket. The lint is blown into the air intake opening. Now clean the air intake opening, first with the brush then with the vacuum cleaner hose, attached this time to the suction end of the machine. Complete the cleaning by inserting the hose into the air intake. Last of all remove the lint catcher and clean the chamber with the radiator attachment of your vacuum cleaner, not neglecting the part behind the fan. Clean the lint catcher and the screen with the same attachment. The outside of the cabinet can be wiped with a damp cloth, or cleaned with a type of cleaning wax that is made especially for such finishes.

DRYERS CAN ALSO BE CLEARED OF LINT with a long piece of cheesecloth, folded twice lengthwise. Slide the cloth into the air intake opening between the basket and the metal baffle at the side of the opening. Rotate the basket slowly by hand so that the cloth goes around with it, wiping away the lint. Then rotate the basket in the opposite direction until the cloth falls into the air intake chamber. Shake the cloth free of lint and repeat this operation on the other side of the drum. These are general instructions for dryers. Makes may differ and you should consult your manufacturer's booklet if you have kept it. The main thing is that the dryer must be kept free of accumulations of lint.

THE SOLE PLATE OF AN ELECTRIC IRON sometimes becomes incrusted with burned-on starch which interferes with smooth ironing. This is usually due to ironing starched materials when they are too wet. Sometimes melted nylon (too hot an iron!) also burns on. If such coatings are not removed carefully the satin-smooth finish of the sole plate will be damaged. Disconnect the iron and, when it has cooled, wash the sole plate with soap or detergent on a damp cloth. If the stain is very stubborn use a little silver polish. Many sole plates are chromium finished and harsh treatment can damage them, so don't try to scrape the starch off with a knife or steel wool. But steel wool can be used on aluminum sole plates. Also try not to scratch the bottom of your iron by running it over hooks and eyes, zippers, or buttons. Keep it slick with paraffin wax or beeswax.

LARGE IRONERS. The aluminum shoes or rollers of large ironing equipment also should be kept slick with wax, and washed when necessary like the sole plate of a hand iron. The muslin covers should be removed frequently and laundered, and the padding should be fluffed and turned occasionally so that it will wear evenly. A cleaning wax made for enameled finishes can be used on the outside. (See "Waxes" in Index.) To keep your electric ironer free of dust use a cover. Some ironers need lubrication while others do not. If you aren't sure, check your instructions or ask your dealer.

Make sure that the iron is disconnect and cool before the cleaning, use the soap or detergent on the damp cloth, use the silver polish for stubborn stains. Electric clothes dryers must be kept clear of lint in order to function efficiently. You can vacuum clean your dryer. To remove from the lint, use the long piece of cheesecloth and slide the cloth into the air intake between basket and metal baffle.