Get More Out Of Less With Space Saving Shelving

by : benjamin

There's a simple rule when it comes to storage: No matter how big your home is, it will never be big enough to store all your stuff. The more room you have, the more likely you are to fill it to the brim with more and more stuff. This is where good shelving systems can come into play to help make organizing easier and more efficient. Whether your choice is wood, metal, wire or another substance, shelving can make a great difference.

If you want to make a garage or closet yield a better organizational system, there are a number of steps that should be taken before shelves are brought in. These include:

* Cleaning out the space entirely. This means pulling everything out; going through it; and throwing away what isn't needed or what won't ever be used. Unless something has major sentimental value, it shouldn't be kept if it hasn't seen the light of day in years.

* With everything out of your closet or garage, you can now examine your space more carefully. This means taking measurements for your shelves. It also means considering what you'd like to store on them and how. Dangerous chemicals, for example, might be better stored on a top shelf or in a locking cabinet space in a shelf. Clothing should be considered for closets.

* Decide on the shelving you want. For garages, keep in mind weather concerns. In some locations the moisture and humidity can wreck wood shelves so metal or wire might be a smarter choice. Closets will take a slightly different configuration in most cases. They should include a mix of shelving for storing things that can be folded, shoes and more and also rods for clothes that must be hung up.

* Once you've measured the area and picked the kind of shelves you want, it's time to shop for them. Make sure to bring your list with you and take care to make sure the measurements match up.

Now that the purchase has been made, it's time to start with that empty slate and install the shelves properly. This means anchoring them if heavy objects will be placed on them or if small children are in the home. A shelving unit can and will tip over if it's not properly weighted and anchored.

When putting your things away, come up with a plan. Pick shelves for like things and stick with that plan. Organization is the desired effect of a shelving project, so falling down on the job now will not do.

No matter how big your home is it's likely it could benefit from a few good shelving units. Shelves in closets can open up unused space for more storage. They can provide better places for sweaters, shoes and so on. Shelves in a garage can make it so much easier to locate the things you need when you need them. If a good system is in place, set shelves will be designated for toys, games, tools, chemicals and so on.

By taking advantage of shelving, a homeowner can make even a small house more organized. Even tiny closets can hold a lot if a good system is in place. A small garage, too, can double as a great (and organized) storage area through the use of shelves. Metal, wire or even wood, shelves can make a huge difference in storage.