Proper Air Flow Promotes Better Breathing and More

by : tommy

Ever notice how when the air in a home or office gets stagnant, people become uncomfortable? This is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is the fact the air in a sealed room can become stale. When fans and other circulation devices are added into the mix,
however, fresh, clean air can be a reality around the clock. Creating a good air environment inside can be a little tricky, but it's not impossible.

There are benefits, too, beyond having fresh air that come with a process to ensure circulation. When the air in a home or office circulates correctly, it means any electric or gas heating or cooling will also properly circulate. This can help save lots of money on heating or cooling bills, which is always a good thing.

Here are some tips for helping to ensure the air in a home or office is as clean and circulated as possible:

* Keep the environment as dust free as possible. Frequent dusting is a very good thing, but don't use a typical dry method. This can put dust particles in the air, exactly where you don't want them. Take care to swab up the dust by using specialized products that capture it and remove it from the surface you're cleaning and keep it out of the air itself.

* Keep air filters on heating and cooling systems clean. The air in a home must run through these filters for heating or cooling. If the filters are dirty, your home or office will be, too. It's generally recommended these filters be changed every few months, but in high traffic areas, it's a good idea to change them monthly.

* Keep plants. Indoor plants are great for helping to keep the inside air clean. Plants feed oxygen into the air and remove harmful elements along the way. A few good sized houseplants in each room can make a lot of difference for the quality of the air you're breathing.

* Keep smoking outdoors. No matter how hard you try, smoke in one room will filter into another. The noxious chemicals in the smoke are not good for people and they're not good for the air in your environment either.

* Use fans and other air flow products. These are especially helpful for making sure heated or cooled air gets circulated throughout a home. Yes, fans can help with the heating, too. Fans don't lower the temperature of the air, they move it around.

* Keep heating and cooling systems in good working order. Have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis and do make sure the systems get the routine maintenance they are meant to have. This can help keep them running efficiently and also help with the indoor air quality, too.

No one wants to breath in stagnant air. When smart steps are taken to ensure the air in a home or office is well circulated and pollutants are kept out, everyone benefits. Even simple measures like air flow devices can go a long way to ensure the air breathed is clean and fresh.