Chosing to Buy Between Different Types of Ladders

by : hunter

There are many different types of ladders available for all your construction and home needs. When you're in the market for a new ladder you need to look at all the options available to you before you determine just what type of ladder will work best for your purposes. If you need a ladder for a job that you only think you're going to be doing once, you may want to think about hiring a lift company to do the work for you.

One of the most common and versatile ladders on the market is a step ladder called a "platform" step ladder. This type of ladder will give you a great solid base for working from while at the same time giving a platform upon which you can lay your tools and other equipment. You'll be able to adjust the height of the ladder so that you can adequately work on the job without bending lower or stretching higher. The steps on this ladder are very strong and solid, making it easy for you to climb up and down with tools in your hands. When you're not using the platform step ladder it folds up neatly and can be easily stored.

Another ladder that is very common for those people working in the construction industry is the combination ladder. The combination ladder has the functions of a step ladder, a stair ladder, and an extension ladder all in one. When this ladder is being stored it folds down much like the platform step ladder and is easily stored and put away. With three functions in one, the combination ladder is almost expendable on any job site since it eliminates the need to have three different types of ladders in your inventory. Still another ladder that also serves more than one function is the extension ladder, which is great for working at higher heights. All three of these ladders will make your construction jobs much more flexible and easier to manage.