Bunk Beds Add More Than Space To Childrens Rooms

by : tommy

Many children like the idea of having a bunk bed in their room - metal frame, designer, wood - it doesn't matter. The appeal comes for a number of reasons and these beds can even be ideal for youngsters who are the only children in their family.

A good bunk bed set up will give an only child a choice of where to sleep and allow them a little more room to roam at night. While this might not be what Mom and Dad have in mind, it's a simple fact that one mattress might be more comfortable on a certain night than another.

With that in mind, no matter the style bed that's chosen, the mattress purchase is important. Getting a good night's sleep is not only vital for an adult to function, it's especially so for a child. Since children's bodies are constantly changing with growth, allowing the child to pick out the mattress is not a bad idea. If going with bunk beds, consider the child's top two choices unless, of course, there's a sibling that will be sharing the room.

With the number of bunk bed styles available, these old-fashion space savers can work in rooms for boys, girls and even both. Suitable for younger children and even teens, the design workability for each age group will depend on the bed chosen.

When looking for bunk beds for older children, allow them to get in on the purchase. Trendy metal frame beds are ideal for their durability and their more modernized, sleek look. Plus, these beds generally hold up better than wood frame ones when the "sticker stage" strikes.

The advantages of bunk beds or bunk bed designed rooms are many. There are even specific designs with the bottom bed and the top bunk being formed into an "L" so a desk or even dresser can be placed underneath. This helps create a working space for the youngsters in the room and can provide a good use of space.

For those considering bunk beds for either a single child or two who share a room, here are some of the top reasons to consider the purchase:

* For a single child, the bunk allows an alternative location for the child to sleep that doesn't involve Mom and Dad's bed!

* Bunk beds also provide a great extra sleeping space for company or sleepover guests.

* For families with more than one child, bunk beds, even if they're placed in a room that's exclusively for one child, allow the kids to "sleepover" once in a while. This is particularly good for families where the younger child is attached to the older and tends to sneak in and squeeze space at night.

Full, queen and king sized beds also provide a lot of benefits for youngsters, but bunks free up more space. Considering young children will also require desk space, dressers and play room, the space savings makes them ideal for little ones and even teens, perhaps especially teens.

Just remember when looking for bunks, the most important things are the mattresses. Buy a good mattress and a solid frame and the beds should serve your children for years to come.