Ceiling Fans Provide Relief In Hot Weather

by : tommy

The ceiling fan came on the market just after the invention of electricity. It was invented by Philip Diehl in 1882 and even back then it didn't take long for this concept of cooling to spread to many homes and businesses. Philip improved on his original idea by using a smaller motor and by adding lights to the fan. This basic idea has prevailed to the ceiling fans of today.

Ceiling fans do one of two things. They can cool the air or suck up the air to make any room much more comfortable. They operate by means of a small motor within the fan that turns the blades. These blades can come in various lengths and this will depend on how big the room is that you're trying to keep cool. You would need a larger fan in a living room, where a smaller one would do in a bedroom. It totally depends on the size of rooms.

Ceiling fans are made out of wood and range from 32 to 52 inches long, although you can get them custom made a bit larger than that. The measurement is taken from the tip of one blade to the tip of the other adjacent blade. These are mounted at a 12 to 15 degree angle so the air can circulate properly and they usually have four to five blades that balance around the fan to prevent it from shaking or wobbling.

Of course there have been many improvements over the years with ceiling fans. The ones we find on the market today are designed for elegance and are an eye pleasing addition to any home. You can buy a fan from the basic to the designer, but they all basically do the same thing and that is cool you down in very warm weather and help keep the air circulating in the smallest of rooms. They have become every homeowner's necessity and can be found in just about every home. You will also find them in places that have air-conditioning just to keep the flow of the air in balance. They are also used as a conductor of heat in the winter because they circulate heat as well as cool air.

You will find them in offices, warehouses and any other place that you may think of. Ceiling fans are the ultimate in air cooling or heating. However, there is more than one kind of ceiling fan. For example, tropical fans are different from the standard fans that we use. The main difference is found in the blades. Tropical fans have a much wider blade, although the length is about the same. The reason for this difference is in the appearance. The wide blades give the fan a very different look and many people get them to match the decor of their homes. Anyone with a tropical scheme in their homes would purchase one of these. It gives the impression of the tropics.

Regardless of the type of fan you buy, you can all be thankful to Philip Diehl for his invention. The ceiling fans saves lots of hot sleepless nights and makes many cooler days for all of us. There are very reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy one type or another in his/her home.