Candelabras: A Quick Enhancement to a Room

by : jraynal

Candles have always been fascinating. Candles were probably the first time when humans were able to conveniently and simply control fire inside their homes. Although the invention of electricity has reduced the dependency on candles dramatically if not completely, every house still keeps a few candles handy for emergency purposes. Candles also provide rooms with pleasant scents.

Although candles come in handy in such rare emergency situations, people remember and use candles for party and romantic purposes. People associate a romantic setting or dinner with candles. In case of old castles of England, old mansions, and large country houses, candles still play an decorative and authentic role in preserving the original feel of such properties. Candelabras present an elegant way to exhibit a position multiple candles into nice patterns.

Candelabras are ornately designed stands and holders that are used for holding candles on tables, walls or even outdoors - near the doors or walkways. Candelabras come in various designs and patterns. Some come in a wall hanging design either just as ornate stands in different shapes where many candles can be lit in a beautiful manner. Traditional tabletop designs are placed either on dinner tables, mantles or other places in the house like study rooms. Some other candelabras even have elaborate lampshades that add beauty to the light shown. Candelabras are made out of a variety of materials - crystal, brass, nickel, silver, or wrought iron. Some candelabras are even made of wood.

Candelabras are used to provide elegant lighting during formal parties and get-togethers. These are designed to hold one or more candles and many candelabras can be arranged throughout the party to create the required atmosphere. Candelabras transpire elegance and peaceful decor if added in sufficient numbers and placed in proper locations. They also add to the mood of the event, with soft lighting and possibly soft music in the background to give a romantic feeling. Candelabras are used for the Hanukkah candle lighting as well. They come in different colors or patterns allowing for a variety of options to choose from, to satisfy the taste of the buyer.

Candelabras are also used in restaurants and party halls for specific party occasions. Candelabras come in nice silver, nickel or brass plated designs, which are inexpensive but provide the same elegant look as original metal Candelabras. Expensive and complex designs are available for those with sophisticated taste and means.

Wall mounted candelabras come with closed designs where glass plates are used as nice decorations and also to protect the candles from the wind. Lantern candelabras are available and can be used near the entrances or all along the walkways. These candelabras look like nice lights on a pole. Candelabras with five or seven candles surrounding a flowerpot are also available. These make nice decorations on dinner tables. Suspended models of Candelabras can create a unique appeal, usually made of wrought iron, and provide a feel of living in the old days.