Storage Benches Are Handy, Practical Seating Option

by : tommy

They have a timeless appeal that mixes functionality with mystery. A good old fashion storage bench has lots of uses and can help make homes, garages and backyard gardens look neater while allowing for a great place to sit.

Storage benches come in a number of sizes, shapes and designs. Plus, some designs are even easy for the do-it-yourselfer to build. The idea behind them is simple, but the number of uses they have is amazing.

Depending on design, storage benches can be great additions to bedrooms, playrooms, gardens and even entryways. Where a particular bench will be most useful, however, will really depend on its design and the items necessary for storing.

Here are some different kinds of storage benches and ideas for incorporating them into a room's design:

* Adult bedroom. A hardwood, finished storage bench with a wood color similar to a bedroom suite can add space for storage while offering some great seating. Placed at the foot of the bed like a footlocker, these benches are great for holding extra blankets, winter sweaters and more. They keep the items out of the way and lend a lot to the overall design of the room, too. With proper planning the bench seat can incorporate a cushion that matches curtains, a bedspread or another accent color within the room.

* Child's bedroom. The function for a bench in a child's room would be similar as the adults, but with proper hinges (those that don't allow slamming) a storage bench here can double as a great toy box. Think of it as a window seat that can go anywhere in the room and the idea becomes a little more clear. In the kids' rooms, however, coloring of wood might need to be brighter or bolder. Plain dark mahogany looks great for mom and dad, but the stately look likely won't appeal to a five-year-old girl. Think princess. Pink and white! Or, bright primary colors. For a boy, maybe football themed, nautical or so on.

* Entry ways. Again, the wood and stain will make a difference here. A beautiful cherry storage bench with a cushioned seat is great for holding umbrellas, shoes or so on, plus it gives a welcoming feel to the entry.

* Gardens. If you never know where to store your garden tools, this is a savior. Not only will a storage bench give you a great place to sit in the garden, the seats are perfect for holding hedge trimmers, plant food, small clippers, gloves and more. Just remember with the outdoor use, the wood will need to be different than that desired for a bedroom or entry. Go with something pressure treated or at least make sure it's painted or sealed properly to withstand the weather.

They may seem a little old fashioned, but a good storage bench is a great idea for giving a home or outdoors area extra seating and a place to stash items, too. Functional and beautiful is more than possible for indoors use and sturdy and weatherproof for the outdoors.