Is a Kitchen Island the Solution?

by : jraynal

In the earlier days, kitchens were mostly relegated to the women in the house and was dedicatedly used for food preparation and storage. Kitchens have now become an activity area and as the roles of men and women converge and everyone starts taking part in all activities, kitchens are becoming more multifunctinals and spacious.

The person who cooks wants to be constantly in touch with the activities that happen in the living or dining room and others now are able to to spend more time in the kitchen since new designs favor opened layouts. Kitchen are consequently becoming a hub of a variety of activities.

For the above reasons, people give good thought to the kitchen design and kitchen furniture during remodel process or purchase of a home. Along with the position and accessibility of the kitchen, a lot of thought is given to kitchen furniture and cabinets too. Modular cabinets are available these days in standard sizes so that most individuals can design or re-design a kitchen easily. Even after all the design considerations and thought processes, once people start moving and living in the house, the kitchen starts getting filled with furniture, groceries, dishes, appliances, cutlery items. A need for more storage and work space quickly becomes apparent.

The best solution in these cases is to look for kitchen islands. In the simplest case, a kitchen island is a centrally located countertop with storage spaces which can be used as a work space, storage space or in most cases even as a table for a simple and quick meal. The counter top of the kitchen islands is mostly made of standard kitchen material like tiles or stainless steel. Wood and stone (like granite, marble) are also available, which are costly but give an elegant look. Kitchen islands come in various sizes and shapes and can cater to different needs.

They can be fixed to the floor or can be built with wheels to enhance their functionality. They also come in different sizes. The counter top is usually at a height around waist level and can be used for cutting or as a table. It can also be used as an area to prepare dough, pastas or pizzas. In most homes, it is used to transfer items from the oven or stove so as to clear out the cooking space. Kitchen islands also come with a lot of drawers and retractable cutting boards. Some designs of kitchen islands are very elaborate and can contain small refrigeration units or even burners, or grills. In such cases a quick meal can be prepared exclusively on the kitchen island itself.

Other kinds of kitchen furniture include barstools, chairs, racks such as bakers racks or kitchen racks to store different kinds of items. Kitchen work centers, kitchen cabinets and pot racks also present additional furniture for storage.

Depending on the space and activity performed in the kitchen, wine racks of stackable type or elaborate wine racks would have to be considered to complete your kitchen furniture collection. With so many types of kitchen furniture and fixtures available, designing and furnishing one's kitchen becomes an enjoyable task, be it a new kitchen or making alternations to an existing one.