Getting the Moneys Worth on Beach Chairs

by : infocus

The beach to a lot of people is paradise. It takes one away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The clear white sands and the sound of the waves are absolutely breathtaking. There are those who go to the beach to snorkel. There are those who visit the beach to dive and there are those who just want to relax and get a tan. The best of way of buying if one has a house by the beach or a resort is to make sure one gets the best possible beach chair money can buy. This does not mean buying the most expensive but the one that is there for a purpose and not for aesthetic purposes only.

1. Know The Area

A beach has many locations where one can setup a beach chair. By identifying the places where the sun is and the geographic area of the surrounding areas, one will not have a hard time buying the right chair for that particular location. The size of the area where the chairs will be set is also very important since this will determine the number of chairs one wishes to purchase.

2. Know What's Available On The Market

After identifying the locations, one can easily check out what is available in the market then see which models are suitable for the beach. Some models have canopies while some don't. Others can be reclined and some are in a fixed position. There are other models that come with other amenities such as a drink holder. Some beach chairs are made entirely out of plastic while others are made out of wood. There are also models that are assembled with different materials such as those that come with a canvas. These are just a few examples of what are available in the market and all it takes is for one to visit the neighborhood furniture store or do some research by the Internet. There are a lot of retailers who offer the same items online and the prices of these items are quite competitive. Once the person finds a good bargain, one will just have order it then wait a few days for the delivery to arrive.

3. Stationary Or Mobile?

The materials used in making a beach chair as mentioned earlier are many and it can either heavy or lightweight. If one does not have to move it that often then that should not be a problem. Resorts are usually plagued with hurricanes and tornados and it is only practical to find lightweight models which are easier to store rather than ordering and buying a new one if these are damaged.

4. Low Or High Maitenance?

The answer to that question is yes. Beach chairs do require proper maintenance. If a beach chair is made of plastic and it gets dirty, one can simply wash off the dirt and wipe it clean. Wood on the other hand would require some high maintenance. To keep the varnish intact and sparkling, one would have to buy a spray and cloth to keep it in good condition. It may take a short period of time to clean but the costs in buying a spray to clean the chairs from time to time will be costly.

Another thing one must keep in mind is the weight capacity required for those who will use it. A plastic or a wooden chair would mostly be able to handle the lightest and heaviest of people. But then due to wear and tear that happens over time and by checking the strength of the material used in making the plastic chairs and the kind of wood used, one will be able to make the right decision in choosing which one to purchase.

5. Most Importantly, Is It Comfortable?

Plastic beach chairs are at times not good for the back. It strains that back and instead of making one enjoy and relax, it does the opposite. The same effect happens with those made out of wood. The best available are those made out plastic or wood with canvas or cloth as the backrest. Some of these beach chairs are designed with big and small spaces in between them, which shape to the persons body leaving no imprints when one gets off the chair.