Portable Single Room Air Conditioner Models Offer Versatility

by : seeley

Most houses today are built with central air. Those that don't have it, tend to have at least a window unit. So why would someone want to invest in a portable single room air conditioner?

There are a lot of reasons people gravitate toward portable single room air conditioner models, but perhaps the most compelling is common sense. These units provide a versatility that stationary machines can never offer. Plus, they can save energy. Saving energy equates to saving money. So, why cool or heat an entire house if the family spends all of its time in one room? Or, why argue over what temperatures to keep different rooms at if you don't have to? There's no need to have two air conditioning zones in a large house when you have a portable unit.

Portable single room units are easy to use, they work well and are affordable. There are lots of advantages to using single room units over cranking up the entire cooling system in a house. Plus, these work great for older homes that might not have cooling systems throughout.

Why suffer through a brutally hot summer when a portable unit is affordable and easy to use? There's no need to be uncomfortable thanks to these units.

Typical portable units offer a number of features that make them more than worth looking at. These include:

? Obviously, portability. The units can move from room to room with the user, cooling only what needs to be cooled without having to alter windows. Try picking up a window unit to move it from the kitchen to the bedroom at the end of the night!

? Self-evaporating designs. Many portable units even come with features that lessen the number of times the condensation retainer must be emptied. This makes that less of a hassle to use and also helps remove some of the moisture from the air in a home. This is good for the home's environment and the possessions within. Moisture leads to mold, which can create health concerns and even damage furniture and books.

? Different fan speeds. This enables more user control, just like a window unit or full central air unit.

? Thermostat control. Just like a full-size unit, portable machines also offer the ability for users to determine the temperature of a room.

? Directional control. These enable users to point the flow of air in the direction they'd like. This combined with the portability makes these units great for optimum user control.

Portable air conditioners also offer some other specialized features depending on the unit in question. Some of these can include washable air filters, carbon filters to clean the air and remove odors, digital displays, timers and even remote controls.

Cooling an entire house when only a single room really needs it is a waste of energy and money. Smaller units can remove the need to turn on a more expensive unit while still providing the cooling necessary to make occupants in a home comfortable, which makes them a great buy.