Storing and Displaying Quilts

by : jraynal

Quilts are a unique type of bedding that were traditionally made from scraps of materials. Since they are made of scraps, there are many different unique designs of quilts. If you are lucky to own an antique heirloom quilt, its care should be of your utmost importance to preserve it for future generations.

A quilt can be displayed for all to admire and not kept out of sight. There are different ways to display your quilts. Quilts as textiles are very sensitive and when being stored special care needs to be used. The type of storage techniques you should use depends on the length of storage.

Displaying your quilts

Quilts can be displayed on quilt racks. There are two different types of quilt racks. One that mounts to a wall and one that stands on the floor. A quilt rack was traditionally used to store a quilt until it was needed. These days it is part of the decor. Quilt racks are used to display colorful and unique quilts for all to see.

Quilt racks come in many different styles and are made of many different materials. They can be made of wood like cedar, oak or made of wrought iron; they can be wall mounted or free standing. When choosing you quilt rack make sure the surface that comes in contact with your quilt doesn't damage your valuable quilt. Quilt racks can be used to store other beddings like comforters, pillowcase and also bedspreads.

The quilt racks keep the items wrinkle free and in great condition. Quick racks can also be very ornate and stylish adding to the beauty of the quilt. If you have large comforters and have difficulty storing, then a quilt rack is perfect. If you are into quilting and need some where to store your quilt work in progress, invest in quilt racks. This keeps your work in excellent condition.

Storing your Quilts

For long term storage of quilts, do not be store them in plastic or a double knit fabric pouches. Quilts need air to "breathe" if the air does circulate; the air in the bag becomes damp resulting in a moldy and mildewed quilt. The best material to store your quilts in is a 100% cotton or muslin pillowcase. Boxes are not good for the storage of your quilt, as they contain acids that will cause the fabric to deteriorate and stain. If you use tissue paper make sure it is acid free also. Do not fold you quilt this can leave permanent creases.

The best way to store a quilt is to roll it into a tube. The right side of the quilt should face the outside then cover it with a cotton or muslin sheet. Quilts should be stored in a dark and dry area that maintains an even temperature. Basements or attic are subject to temperature fluctuations and are not suitable to storing quilts.

Whatever you decide to do with your quilt, either store it or display it, treat it as the heirloom it is. If you take good care of your quilt, it could possibly last long enough to thrill several generations.