Pool Covers - What You Need to Know

by : roryhhawkins

Pool covers, in my opinion, should be required on any and all pools. Some areas have already started requiring pools be covered. In general, they are only required for inground pools because of the easy access provided to them. However, it is just as important to have pool covers on small pools and above ground pools as it is on inground pools.

Pool covers offer a few different uses. First, they provide an excellent way of keeping debris and dirt out of your pool water. Pool covers catch debris and leave your pool clean and healthy. They will also block the sun from the pool and keep rain or snow from entering the pool, which will mean less maintenance on your part.

In addition to keeping the pool clean, pool covers offer a form of security. Pool covers help in keeping children out of your pool when there is no supervision. Pool covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you will want to get a pool cover that will provide the type of safety you want for your swimming pool.

Some pool covers are grounded in concrete, which will ensure that animals and children cannot enter the pool. When I say grounded in concrete, I am meaning that it is weighted by concrete. You are ensuring a safe atmosphere around your pool.

Pool covers can be made of mesh of vinyl, although in my personal opinion vinyl is sturdier and doubles in keeping pool clean as well as safety. Mesh covers still allow water to flow through, meaning debris, and dirt can still get through to your pool water.

Pool covers come with a variety of different measures of removal. Some require removal by hand and some come with a reel system feature allowing for easy placement and removal. Others are automated and some have to be hooked by anchors. Regardless of the type, a pool cover is designed to be a barrier between the pool and a person that resists unwanted entry of any kind. These together with other security features such as removable stairs for above ground pools, enclosed pools with security fences, and locked gates will help in keeping your swimming pool area an enjoyable and safe area for everyone.