Picture Perfect Frames

by : granola

A Framer is a carpenter who builds frames. However, there are a wide variety of frames that can be built. If you have ever seen a house go up, you know that the first step is putting the frame up. This ends up serving as a skeleton of sorts. It is the starting point.

While this is the type of frame that is usually thought of, there are many other types of frames. One is the picture frame. The picture frame is a relatively simple frame. However, the picture frame allows for a lot of creativity. A house allows for a lot of creativity also, but a different sort. Not many people are going to want a big cat carved into the side of their house. But on a picture frame there is free reign.

There are many creative artists who put their time into making beautiful picture frames to frame your memories and adorn your walls. You can go with a motif, making your frames go together throughout your house. Or you can mix and match for a wide array of colors and themes to go with your wide array of memories.

Most people simply buy their picture frames already put together. However, some people enjoy playing the artist for a change. If all you like to do is decorate the frame, you can buy plain frames ready to be painted, glued, stained, or carved. You can be the artist with only your own restraints to stop your imagination.

Some people like to jump into the making of their frames earlier in the process. There is really no limit to how far back in the process you can go. You can go chop or saw the kind of wood you wish to make your frame out of. Then, you can carve out the size and shape you want, glue any pieces you need to together, sand, stain, burn, and decorate.

Most people don't like to go quite that far back in the process, however. That is why there are plenty of retailers who are happy to sell you anything you need to make your framing experience a good one. You can buy the wood, glue, decorations, glass, and anything else you may need online or in a hobby or craft store.

If you want to design and decorate your own frames, but don't really like the wood look, there are options for you too. Many places also sell the supplies you need for metal frames. These frames are often used to create a sleek, elegant look. They can come in many colors and feels. They can be bare metal, or a color of your choosing, with smooth or coarse finishes.

Many people like to be able to add a personal touch to their frames. This is often done through the simple inscription of a word or name on the frame. With wooden frames, this can be done through carving or wood burning. Metal frames are generally done through inscription. Whatever your personal preferences, you can find or make a frame to fit your personal taste.