Bakers Racks: Traditional and Original Uses

by : jraynal

While purchasing or building a new home, we tend to give a lot of consideration to the amount of space available in the rooms as well as to the amount and kinds of storage spaces available. But after a few months or years of moving in, we tend to accumulate so many small and big items in the house that invariably the need for more storage space to organize things arises. Kitchens are one area of the house where there is constant activity and constant need to organize things . The need for extra storage space is almost never ending.

Bakers racks should be considered as part of your kitchen furniture. They can be highly ornamental racks with scrolls, designs on the back and sides. Back then, bakers racks were mainly simple racks where metal or wooden grills on which hot items from the oven could be kept for cooling. Some racks also have counter tops which can be used to roll dough or to store tins, pans etc. The main advantage of bakers racks is the wide and tall shelves that ease air circulation and storage. In addition, the racks are generally made of heat-resistant material. So, after baking pies or cookies, they will be placed on bakers racks to properly cool off and get ready before being consumed.

Modern day bakers racks are extremely versatile and can be put to many more uses. It now comes with various storage compartments, shelves and drawers apart from a counter top and cooling surface. It can act as a cabinet storage as well. While the drawers and shelves act as storage compartments, the counters can be used for storing bins or for baking and mixing dough as well.

Bakers racks are traditionally made of wrought iron and are normally well designed as long as a reputable brand is chosen. Most people prefer them to have a kind of antique, rustic and an old look and wrought iron is the best choice to provide that feel. New bakers racks can also provide an antique look to satisfy consumers' taste by using modern techniques allowing a product to look from a different generation even though it was manufactured last week! Tudor wood is also being used to make beautiful and well finished bakers racks. Modern, sleek and minimalist designs are also being available these days to complement the style and theme of the other furniture when required.

Currently, bakers racks have crossed the kitchen and are being used in many rooms. They come in handy in the living rooms and even in bathrooms to stack towels and other bath accessories. They are convenient to keep anything from family pictures, photo frames, to phones and answering machines.
A multitude of bakers racks designs are available.

Designs, sizes, shapes, and materials will obviously determine pricing. While the simple ones can satisfy most of the needs, custom bakers racks are available. Some designs come with wine racks instead of storage space. The space above the counter is mostly used as a top shelf on which ceramic items, glass items, photos or clocks can be placed. In some designs, this shelf is replaced by rods and hooks where wine glasses, and pots can be hung nicely. Bakers racks are a nice and elegant addition to any room and offer a convenient and elegant way to store your items beyond the traditional use of bakers racks.