Constructing Your Own Hammocks

by : hunter

Constructing your own hammocks is easier than what you might think. You must, of course start with a pattern. A hammock using a pattern can be made with an inner layer of batting for added padding and warmth, or simply a double-thickness of fabric. If you use a pre-quilted fabric for one or both sides, you won't need to use batting for a lining. When choosing batting for lining the hammock, choose one that's easy to sew on and not too thick, about the same thickness you would use for a placemat. You only need about a half yard of fabric to make each hammock, and if you check out the bargain bins at fabric stores, you can pick up some bargains and make hammocks for just a few dollars!

If you are using a grouping of fabrics to make a double-sided hammock, mix and match carefully and always pre-wash all fabrics to pre-shrink them. Fabrics shrink in different ways, so if you don't wash them before constructing the hammocks, they can look pretty weird after their first washing. Use standard weight cotton thread, and mix and match if you like. Combining cottons or calicos with fleece is difficult if you don't have some sewing know-how. If you're a beginner seamstress, stick with fabrics that are easy to work with until you get the hang of hammock-making.

If your hammock doesn't come out precisely right, don't worry. What matters is that they're strong and comfy. If your stitches wander here and there, or a loop sticks out at an odd slant on your first hammock, don't worry about it, you will get better. Keep trying and you will likely be a professional hammock maker before you know it. You will save yourself tons of money by making your own.