Build Your Own Storage Sheds

by : arsen1

If you decide to build your own storage sheds, choose a design that complements your home. If the design of your home is formal, choose a shed design to suit it. If you are living in a country home, choose a shed design that matches it. If your home has arches, your shed can use arches too.

You can build your own storage sheds to blend into the surrounding landscape. Plant beds can be laid around the shed. Trellises, on which the vines can climb, can be installed on the shed. A storage shed is not only built for its utility and it can add to the appearance of the property where it is built.

Storage Sheds Cheapest Price

If you only focus on building storage shed for the cheapest price, you may lose out on quality. Buyers who have decided to buy the cheapest sheds often reject much better options that only cost a little more. An outdoor shed with the best cedar and vinyl sidings may cost you only a few hundred dollars more than one made from lower quality materials.

Siding Materials

Wood looks attractive, but it tends to rot when it is exposed to water. Some types of wood contain natural resins, which make them resistant to rot. Cedar wood is very popular for making sidings, though it also requires maintenance. Coating it, every alternate year with a sealer/preservative, protects it from ultraviolet solar radiation.

Vinyl provides you with maintenance-free sidings, though it lacks the appeal of wood. If the rest of your house has vinyl siding, you can use it for your small portable storage sheds also. Particleboard and plywood are also popular siding materials, though they rot when they are exposed to water.

Plan Before You Build

Before you build your own storage sheds, find out about the building codes, zoning ordinances and deed restrictions in your area. What materials are acceptable for siding, and how far the shed must be from the property lines, may be specified in the building codes and regulations.

The supports beneath the floor need to be made of pressure treated wood. You need to lay down concrete piers, cinder blocks, a concrete slab or crushed stone before you build your own storage sheds.

Building it yourself

You have the option of selecting a shed at a home improvement store and having it assembled by professionals. You can also buy a kit, which you can assemble yourself at a lower cost. An 8-foot by 10-foot shed with double doors is usually enough to meet your storage requirements.

Cheap Insurance Storage Sheds

You can extend your existing household insurance, to cover the new storage and its contents, at a very low additional cost.