A Brief History of Yamaha Guitars

by : depotgang

In general, the Yamaha Corporation manufactures a wide variety of products. Among these include Yamaha line of acoustic guitars. They have a lot of experience and have been building instruments since the late 1800s. Today, people know Yamaha as a Japanese company that is known for its products, including their instruments and acoustic guitars.

In 1887, the Yamaha Corporation began making instruments. In this case, it was an organ. The company, however, got started in 1897. It was called the Nippon Gakki Corporation with a man named Tarakusu became the president. He was the individual who make the organ in 1897.

So, the organ was essentially their first instrument. In 1900, they expanded their instrument line to the piano. They even started making furniture in 1903. But, they managed to receive a good amount of recognition at the Worlds Fair in St. Louis when both the piano and the organ one an honorary prize.

The dabbled in creating other products, such as the harmonica and phonographs. They even started designing acoustics for concert halls. Finally, in 1942, they debuted their first acoustic guitar. By then, the company had been in business for almost fifty years, so they were already known for their instruments and musical products.

Yamahas products line has since expanded. At one point, they even had an archery products business and started manufacturing motorcycles. Many people may think that because Yamaha has interests in a wide range of things, they do not necessarily do any of them well. That simply is not true. Yamaha acoustic guitars are high quality and stand up to some of the best acoustic guitars in the world.

There guitar models include the Yamaha 12 String model, the Yamaha F-310, the Yamaha FG 325, the Yamaha CJ 12, the Yamaha S70A, the Yamaha CPX8, and the Yamaha 20. However, there are a lot of acoustic guitar styles available so you would have to visit your favorite music store or the Yamaha website to learn about all of them.

There are also a lot of artists who love and play Yamaha acoustic guitars. These include Peter Hayes, Amy Abdou, Clayton Gibb, Peter Hayes, Chris Henderson, Michael Herring, David Lvita, Steve Wilkinson, Take 6, and Mark Oakley. For more information on the artists visit at yamaha.com.

Here are some reviews written by satisfied Yamaha Acoustic Guitar uses:

About the Yamaha Dynamic Guitar

This guitar is great, it has great sound, and is probably one of the best looking guitars ever, it is perfect for just sitting down and playing anything genre of music you like. Another thing I liked about this guitar is that it always stays in tune.

About the Yamaha CJ 12

The build quality is superb- you would think that the guitar was more expensive as it really is beautifully made. Tonally, it is quite bright for a jumbo but sounds brilliant. I recorded a demo with it and recorded it sounds great- a real Neil Young acoustic tone! Obviously the access to the higher frets is problematic, but I believe that if you are looking at a guitar like this then you are not getting to play above the 12th fret much anyway! Other than that, the string spacing is superb and the neck is much more reminiscent of an electric guitar than an acoustic-it reminds me of the neck on a Les Paul.