Learn To Play Piano

by : Capotasto

Learn to play piano on a train station? Let me show you what you can learn about piano playing as you wait for your train!

Well, all people seem to go by car these days but we might have had the privilege to go by train and this experience can teach us a lot about piano playing:

1. You want to go somewhere by train. In piano playing this is the wish you have to learn something on the piano.

2. You go to the train station trying to find a suitable train. Before you can know if you are taking the right train you have to decide where you want to go. When learning to play the piano this is the goal you want to reach.

3. Before buying a ticket to the right train you have to decide when you want to arrive. When you learn to play piano this means when your goal is to be accomplished.

4. When you know these things it is much easier to find the right train. In piano playing this means that when you know what you want to accomplish as a pianist and when you want to have accomplished it it is much easier to select a proper method to use to reach your goal.

5. Now you can buy a ticket to the right train. This is when your decision becomes a commitment. Learning to play the piano can involve money but the most important investment is your work and motivation. Through a commitment you gain momentum to accomplish the piano playing goal.

6. After having bought a ticket most of the job is done. Left is only to find your train and your seat and then relax. In your piano playing this means that when you have decided what you really want to accomplish it is much easier to progress. You know where you are in your piano skills, where to begin your work and you don't have to waste your energi by wondering what to do.

Do you have to take the right train?

Some unusual people might think it is okay to take any train and travel for the fun of it with no thought about the destination. If you feel that way about your piano playing and are comfortable with it it's okay I guess.

Let me share some thoughts...

The reason why I started to be very interested in computers way back in the late 80's was because of what I believed that computers could help me with. I was very interested in composing music and had used pen and paper so far.

I tried to write nice sheets with music but it took a lot of time and if I wanted to change something in my compositions, which I often wanted then and even now, it was difficult.

The notation programs back then were difficult to use but I perused the manuals because I had this great goal before me that computers and notation programs could help me with my creative endeavors.

The goal was actually to compose music and the means was computers and notation programs.

Computers have become much easier to use and notation programs more sophisticated since then and I feel that I have reached the goal to become more effective as a composer through the use of computers as a means for my music composing.

Some of my friends have used computers the opposite way. They have been interested in computers and have aimlessly installed and uninstalled programs and changed os or messed around in the Windows directory and so on.

I guess we could say that their goal was to have fun with computers, even if they haven't expressed it that way, and I think they also reach their goal.

What I wanted to say with this is that it is much easier to select methods to use and to be really motivated when you learn to play the piano if you know what you want to accomplish.

Take the right train and enjoy your journey into piano land!