Tips to Save on Hotels

by : Anirban Das

Planning that dream trip?

Hey, you certainly need something to help your money take you a little farther. Or else, you could have to end up with paying a lot extra for airfare, car rentals, and especially the hotels. After all, every dollar in your wallet is worth the time and hard work. Accommodation is the most crucial thing that you should not feel skeptical about while visiting any foreign place.

Tips to Save on Hotels
Keeping the changing scenario of hotels in mind, always be smart about your choices. A little meticulous preparation can go along way in saving those precious dollars. So here are some tips to save on hotels. 


1) Hotel Saving Tips #1
Plan a trip on weekend

Many business hotels provide offer rates for weekend. This is because they are usually crowded and busy on weekdays. You can easily enjoy the advantages of their weekend rates. Some hotels that cater to tourists also offer excellent discounts on what they take as off season, weekend. Make sure to go through the available rates properly. And, get the best weekend ever.

2) Hotel Saving Tips #2
Book, way, way, way in Advance

You get huge discounts when you book way in advance. Try booking a year in advance if possible, especially so if your stay is during off season. It could get lucky and enjoy up to 50% discounts when you book early. Cheap bookings in hotel should not mean shoddy service. Your stay must be respectable together with great customer care service.

3) Hotel Saving Tips #3
Ask for Group Rates

If you are taking a trip with your friends or family, ensure to inquire about group rates or family rates. Some hotels may extend an additional stay for a day or two at no extra cost.

4) Hotel Saving Tips #4
Avoid Peak Period

If you can avoid peak periods. Variations in supply and demand patterns are the two factors that cause either an increase or decrease in the hotel rates. So, being cautious about the peak periods can really be advantageous in terms of savings. However, at many properties, you may ask to pay for the peak season charges for your stay in the hotel. This may happen even if you decide on to make any modifications in the dates between on and off seasons.

5) Hotel Saving Tips #5
Find a Big Hotel Network and Stick to Their Brands

Loyalty definitely pays. When you stick to one hotel network throughout the year, you can signup as their member and accumulate points. As you membership points gets bigger, you enjoy better discounts and priviledges. One example is the Accor Hotels Group. 

The AccorHotels group has hotels in 92 countries throughout the world. Headquartered in Paris, the group owns, operates and franchises 3,700 hotels (spanning all inhabited continents) representing several brands, from budget and economy lodgings to five-star hotels. 

These are the 5 Hotel Saving Tips.
I personally have enjoyed fanstastic deals and rates with the accor group. Being a platinium member, I receive many 50% deals on a monthly basis, free welcome drink upon checking in, free room upgrade, free usage of their business lounge and super VIP treatment. Yes, it is fantastic when you are familiar with hotel saving tips.