Ain Soukhna Along The Red Sea

by : amarticles-linda

This article is about the country of Egypt. It is a country in North Africa. Large areas of land form part of the Sahara Desert and are sparsely inhabited. Around half of Egypts residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread across the densely populated centres.

The location of Ain Soukhna is found along the Egyptain Red Sea coast. It has often been referred to as a town, but is really not. It can be translated as hot spring and the name originates from sulfur springs in Gebal Ataqa, a nearby Eastern Desert mountain.

It is a region that stretches from just south of Suez down the coast for about sixty kilometres, and mostly consists of a port along with a series of resort complexes, with a few independent restaurants, gas stations and other facilities scattered along the coastal road.

It seems only natural for this region to be so developed, considering that it represents the closest beaches to Cairo, one of the largest cities in the world. It is a leisurely two hour drive from Cairo and when a new highway that is currently under construction is completed, the ride will probably take only an hour.

Traditionally, it is a purely Egyptian retreat, only recently becoming an international destination. In fact, most of the the resort complexes consist mainly of vacation villas owned by upper and upper middle class Egyptians. However, many though certainly not all of the complexes also provide hotel
accommodations. As an international tourist destination, Ain Soukhna makes considerable sense particularly if a beach vacation is secondary to other tourism. A well arranged tour around Ain Soukhna could allow a visit to the Suez Canal and the Eastern Desert.

Accommodation involves four and five star hotels. Only a few years ago it would not have been capable of really accommodating large tour groups with good facilities, but today, that no longer applies. There are at least two very fine, large resorts with others under construction. Besides the hotels, there are also many fine private villas within the compound. Common facilities include just about every beach activity one might imagine.

Entertainment including a soon to be completed golf course. It actually has one of the largest and finest Spa and therapeutic centres in the Middle East. In addition, there are currently, spread between the two hotels, seven restaurants, and about four bars, though just outside the complex we also noted a KFC and Pizza Hut.

Tour operators should begin now to gear up for its popularity, adding it to standard itineraries because, simply put, it has so much to offer tourists seeking either a primary or secondary beach vacation.