Cairo Is Situated In Egypt

by : amarticles-linda

The town Cairo is situated in Egypt on the coast of the red sea. It is located on the banks and islands of the Nile River in the north, immediately south of the point where the river leaves its desert bound valley and breaks into two branches into the low lying Nile Delta region.

Cairo means the vanquisher or the triumphant. It has a population of eleven million and it is the twenty first metropolitan area in the world.

Antiquities are often associated with Egypt, but Egypt offers much more. Certainly it is a prime location to see our great heritage from the ancient world, including pyramids and wonderful temples, but it is also part of the Holy Land and tours to Christian and other religious monuments are popular. There is also nature and desert treks, great scuba diving and even golf, fishing and birding expeditions.

One may choose to relax on the wondrous Egypt Red Sea or Sinai coasts, take in the high culture of Cairo, or even leisurely float down the Egyptian Nile on a luxurious river boat.

It is a maddening city with its incessant crowds, noise and pollution. A walk down any street in Cairo is a feast for the senses and exploring beyond the popular districts below will not fail to fascinate. The area also boasts numerous museums and contemporary art galleries.

The oldest part of the city is somewhat east of the river. There, the city gradually spreads west, engulfing the agricultural lands next to the Nile. The eastern half is filled with hundreds of ancient mosques that act as landmarks. The western Cairo is dominated by the government buildings and modern architecture.

The town Cairo has been established as Egypts main centre for medical treatment, as well as a major Health Centre in the Middle East. Some of Cairos most famous hospitals are As Salam International Hospital Corniche El Nile Maadi. Egypts largest private hospital has three hundred and fifty beds.

The government offices governing the Egyptian educational system is found in Cairo. It has long been the hub of education and educational services not only for Egypt but also for the whole world.

Transportation in Cairo comprises an extensive road network, rail system, subway system and maritime services. It is the centre of almost the entire Egyptian transportation network.

Cairo is facing a housing problem. The lack of satisfactory and affordable housing for the rapidly growing population has forced many poor Egyptians to make cemeteries in the city of the Dead as their permanent homes. Among these cemeteries live a community of Egypts urban poor, forming an illegal but tolerated, separate society.