Picturesque City of Prague

by : amarticles-linda

In the centre of Czech Republic is Prague the capital of the country.Its currency is the Czech crown. Prague has become one of the most visited in Europe since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The Old Town is picturesque part of the city. The Prague Orloj is a medieval astronomical clock which is in the old towns market place mounted on the southern wall of the old town city hall and is a popular tourist attraction. The Orloj is made up of three main components. The walk of the apostles a clockwork show of the Apostles and other moving sculpture, a calendar dial with medallions representing the months and the astronomical dial showing the position of the moon and sun in the sky. The old town hall offers a panoramic view of the old town.

Charles bridge crosses the Vltava river in Prague during the day it is a busy place.

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world constructed in the 9th century by Prince Booivoj. The castle has three courtyards and is the seat of the Czech rulers and the official residence. It is the most popular sight visited in Prague and allow yourself at least half a day to visit it.

Many visitors at night just stroll over the ancient city cobblestone which are lit by the lamps of Charles Bridge and Mala Strana. The best entertainment is at a noisy pub and drinking world class brew.

But Prague s entertainment tradition is classical music many visitors leave disappointed at the level of the performances especially the operas. Government cutbacks have forced directors to skimp while many great young voices have migrated abroad or to the rock operas and musicals.

There are lots of small and quaint shops on every street in the Old Town you can buy souvenirs bohemian garnet jewels or hand cut glass. It is not custom to haggle the price the price on the tag is always fixed. There are lot of shopping malls in Prague open time are 9.00am till 8.00 pm. Visitors usually bohemian garnet or hand cut crystal.

January and February are the coldest months when the temperature are around 5C. Spring and summer are the sunniest months. Snow is rare in Prague during the winter months. May and August is the rainiest months.

Ruzyni is the city airport situated about 20 km from the city centre. There are flights to most European cities.