The Beatiful City of Palma

by : amarticles-linda

A working city Palma is home to half the islands population. Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands and is the cultural hub of the island. Despite having become a modern city Palma has retained its culture charm and its old town. Millions of visitors pass through its airport every year and is Palmas main industry and also has the largest port in Mallorca with a working fishing fleet.

Outside the tourist season Palmas streets can be peaceful. Palma livens up briefly on New Years Eve for the festa de lestendard which celebrates the end of the year. The wildest night is 23 June when bonfires and music celebrate the summer solstice. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week when hooded penitents in coloured robes representing the islands 50 brotherhoods file solemnly through the streets of Palma.

Some of Palma attraction are the castle of Bellver the Royal Palace and the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Palma is a Gothic style building that was built over 300 hundreds years ago and it is know by the locals as La Seu. The Cathedral is a landmark of the city. The Cathedral has one of the worlds largest stained glass window containing 1236 pieces of glass.

Bellver Castle is about 3km from the city centre and is over 112m above sea level. It is the home of the history Museum and construction began on the castle in 1309 by King James 11. Palma City Council care for the castle and the surrounding woodlands. The terraces of the castle offer panoramic view over the city and bay.

The palace is opposite the Cathedral and overlooks the harbour. On visiting the palace you will find most of the rooms and corridors empty but will impressed with the gardens that surround the palace.
Art lovers are well catered for by two grand new public exhibition spaces the Palau March featuring the work of such international sculptors as Rodin and Henry Moore, and the Es Baluard museum of modern Spanish art.

The pearls of Mallorca are made from natural marine products and there produces 50 million artificial pearls every year.

Avinguda Jaume 111 is the newest street and best know street in the city for shopping.

Many of the bar are owned by British or Germans. People in Palma do not go out until 10.00pm because the bar stay open until 3 or 4am