Comfort Suites Paradise Island Bahamas: a Good Economy Hotel

by : olgerdviz

We took a family trip here during our small kids' school vacation for the access to Atlantis Resort Paradise Island. The hotel was what you would expect for a Comfort Inn - no more, no less - but was incredibly convenient to Atlantis, clean and comfortable. Each room has a pull out sofa which housekeeping opened every night while we were out and was perfect for our small kids. The hotel is filled with nice families who also want to spend their days at Atlantis.

Typical Bahamian service (slow to non-existent): coffee pot broken upon checking, new one delivered to room, 30 hours later. Smoke alarm went off when using hair dryer, staff removed smoke alarm and did not replace it. Ceilings in bathroom are mouldy and fan above bed completely filthy. Only beach access through Atlantis, new hotel being built beach this one and the beach. Best thing about this hotel is free use of Atlantis facilities.

This hotel served as a tremendous base for Atlantis vacation. The walk is very short to Atlantis. If you need more than one room, this is the only way to go. The Continental breakfast was more than enough to hold my family of six to well past lunch time. It included bagels, toast, cereal and fruit (usually watermelon) and was more than adequate. We found the staff helpful and friendly although they clearly work on 'Bahamas time'. The hotel offers free scuba lessons in their pool, has a restaurant which does the trick for lunch (if you want to take a break from Atlantis), and always has taxis waiting if you want to go to Nassau.

It is literally across the street from the entrance to Atlantis and the Atlantis Marina Village which has cute shops and restaurants and is a nice place to walk around at night. We thought it enabled us to experience Atlantis for a lot less than we would if we actually stayed there. In terms of Atlantis, it's a fun place to go once but is incredibly crowded and Disney-esque. If it's a busy time at Atlantis, be sure to get towels from one of the Atlantis towel huts before you go back to the Comfort Suites at the end of the day and then come back first thing in the morning (by 7:30) to reserve a beach chair. Bring a personal item (T shirt, toy, flip flop) to mark your chair. It's extremely annoying but everyone does it and it will ensure that your day will be more pleasant.

Most restaurants were extremely expensive. I recommend getting a food guide and checking prices of the restaurants before going. Most restaurants have the menus on the outside so you can see the prices before going in. Watch your receipts. On Paradise Island a 15% gratuity is already included on most purchases including ice cream and pizza.