Atlantis Royal Towers: Nice But Ridiculously Expensive

by : olgerdviz

I vacationed with my 9 year old daughter and my mother in the Bahamas. We were upgraded to the Atlantis Royal Towers Paradise Island Bahamas from Coral Towers. The Royal Towers lobby is massive and nice. However, this upgrade was likely because other patrons who paid to stay in the Royal Tower were upset with the view and sounds of construction of Phase IV out their windows from the West Tower. If I paid for this room, this would not have been acceptable to me.

The Bahamian staff working on this resort was extremely hospitable and gracious. There were a couple of mishaps that occurred that I would not have expected such as our hotel room not being cleaned on the first day and numerous request for additional towels not being responded to. Also, likely due to the property size and the amount of people, special request are not met as fast as other smaller resorts. If you are elderly, slow moving, or disabled, I would not recommend this property. The property is really big and the back and forth definitely warrants a lot of walking to get the beach and various pools. I am a runner with a small frame and I still thought this place required a lot physically.

You would be amazed at the prices charged for a hot dog, slice of pizza, etc (expensive). They are taking really great care of this place. Everyday, they were completing touch up painting, polishing, or manicuring some wall or something throughout the property. Therefore, despite the beach location, the property shows no sign of being weathered.

Some tips for your stay at Atlantis Royal Towers Paradise Island:

If you are taking children, save some money on the snacks. Pack a loaf of bread, peanut butter or jelly with ziploc bags. Make sure everyone has their own travel sports bottle with a opening big enough for ice to fill with ice and a little water to keep everyone cool on the beach. Pack little bags of chips, cookies, and other snacks. This all fits easily in the suitcases or in its own snack attack bag. I even had instant oatmeal and retrieved hot water for it when I purchased coffee. Splurge on dinner.

There is a little shopping center around the corner from the resort. Here you can get water and snacks much cheaper. Also dine at the point restaurant 'excellent food deals, prices and staff. It's on the other side of the marina, and never very busy, so it was great!

Stuart's Cove shark feeding dive was great but very expensive. Also, if you 'must' go to Atlantis, eat at Nobu, the less expensive top-end restaurant which was the only place with good food!

Restaurants in the Marina Shops are more reasonably priced then the ones in the hotel and are very good.