Three Methods of Getting Cheap Airfare

by : kalisekj

There are a lot of ways to find cheap airfare. If you have not considered trying one of the tips then do so now because they are really helpful and let you save a great deal of money on airfares if executed carefully. Let is find out the three most popular tricks of getting cheap airfare.

The very first trick is to check-in on an overbooked flight. If you think a flight is likely to be overbooked just arrive at the airport a few hours before the flight is scheduled and ask for the next flight to your destination. Sometimes you will be given a free ticket for the next flight because you arrived at the time the previous flight was about to take off. Mostly international travelers are offered this wonderful opportunity.

Of course you will have to wait at the airport till the next flight becomes ready. The chances of getting a free ticket are extremely high if you have a travel agent to make the arrangements for you. These people are excellent negotiators and will often end up getting at least a cheap airfare if not a free ticket and charge you a little fee in return. This fee is usually very low as compared to the normal airfare you would have to pay if you were traveling under normal circumstances.

The second tactic is to be on the lookout for special deals and packages offered by airlines at their websites. There are many websites to be found once you start searching on the Internet. Some of them specialize in international travel, while others are for domestic travel within the USA or Europe. You can check out the special deals section to find out about their latest offers.

Sometimes the packages include hotel and car expenses as well. This kind of deal comes handy if you are flying to a foreign location for a holiday. These packages are usually very cheap. Another important category is last-minute reservations. If time is not crucial then waiting for the last-minute deals to open is a good idea. You can book under this category two weeks before the departure date and even before three hours of departure. Normally booking early is the safest way to go around.

The third trick is to book a multi-stop flight instead of a direct flight. You will have to pick different airports for this purpose. You can find the information on airlines and airports online and even search for the cheapest multi-stop route to your destination. These days Internet has made everything so easy. You wont even have to involve travel agents or consolidators to find a cheap flight this way.

Just book yourself on a plane destined to the nearest location to your destination and upon arriving there get a seat on the earliest possible flight. Here you can again apply the trick of overbooking if you have ample time on your hands and can wait for another few hours on a foreign airport. Otherwise taking a normal flight will also let you save a few dollars.

Try one of these three tricks and see how much you can save on airfares. Once you are online looking for information about cheap airfare you will learn a great deal about the habits of airlines and how they keep offering special packages to their travelers.