Things To Do In Alberta Canada: Banff National Park

by : ameenmk

This is the destination of a lifetime. Here, the mountains are so high; their peaks are lost in the heavens. Glacial lakes are so sparkling blue, and lush deep forests are home to the bear and eagle.

The mountain communities of Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Hinton, and Grande Cache offer one of the most fulfilling travel opportunities available. Surrounded by the many wonders of nature, and incorporating a multitude of activities and amenities, the Canadian Rockies appeal to visitors of all ages.

Banff National Park is Canadas first national park and the third-oldest national park in the world. It is a Canadian national icon, solidly entrenched in Canadas identity and character. The park was first created in 1885 as Rocky Mountain Reserve, a tiny 10 acre parcel surrounding the mineral hot springs that bubble to the surface on the flanks of the Sulphur Mountains. Since that time the park has expanded and now includes the landmarks of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

That is why Banff national park has the city of Banff inside the park. The city was built on the outside of the park when it was still small. Then it was expanded to include the entire city. Another city, which used to be a mining town, had to be moved to a new location. Almost all the buildings and homes were actually transported elsewhere so they would not be in the park.

One of the worlds largest protected areas, the four national parks of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, and Yoho are recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to live close to Banff, you can purchase a home or condo in nearby Canmore. This is where we stayed. It is a short drive to the park. But In Banff, there are dozens of hotels you can stay at.

I cannot describe it but the feeling of being in Banff is different from anywhere else I have been. It was awe inspiring. It was peaceful. It was natural.

The beauty in Banff and the surrounding parks is something you have to see for yourself to really appreciate. It is beauty that you can spend all day staring at. It is the world as God meant it to be, ad he created it. Banff is definitely the most beautiful national park I have ever been to in Canada and the US. If you liked Yosemite, you will love Banff.

The park is about an hour drive from Calgary, and straight north of Glacier National Park in Montana.

We spent a couple days in Banff, but we should have stayed longer. I know we will definitely be back. If we can find a way to do a travel assignment in Banff we will definitely do that as well.

And I have not even talked about all the winter activities. There are plenty of slopes and other areas to enjoy the winter. After all, we are talking about the Rocky Mountains. Whether you come for the scenery, the snow, the river, or to camp, you will love Banff. It is simply a must visit for everyone reading this.