Things To Do In Seattle: Pike Place Market

by : ameenmk

1907- A hundred years of Meeting the Producer

The Pike Place Market is fast approaching its 100th year in service to the citizens of Seattle. The 9 acre market has grown from a small group of farmers meeting at the corner of 1st and Pike Street to being one of the most colorful and rich public markets known internationally.

Also known as The Soul of Seattle, the Pike Place Market is rich with the sights and sounds of Seattle. Now looking forward to it 100th year, the market boasts 240 year round commercial businesses and restaurants, 190 craftspeople and 120 farmers renting table space by the day, 240 street performers and musicians, and 500 residents.

Plan your day in the Market with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the multiple floors and blocks that make up the Pike Place Market Historic District. After finding the perfect unique gift for someone, have lunch with a view of Elliott Bay, and Seattle Waterfront or people watch all of the travelers and Seattle Residents in a street side cafe. Tap into your inner explorer and walk down wood floors, warn and warped his history, into the lower levels of the Down Under and then to Western Avenue for more hidden treasure shops, antique stores and restaurants. No trip to Seattle can skip the nightlife in the Pike Place Market.

The market is the most famous for the fish markets which are at the center of the tourist attraction. This is where the fish sellers throw the fish through the air to one another. The fresh fish is caught everyday and brought to the market to be sold. They can ship the fish overnight to anywhere in the country.

If you are interested in buying flowers, there are several florists on hand to sell you whatever is in bloom. Fruit is also plentiful on sale.

If you take any of the tours of Seattle, they will bring you to Pike Place Market. It is one of the main stops. But with its close proximity to downtown you can easily drive here on your own. In fact, if you want to spend any time here you should come on your own.

It did not take us long to go through the market. Unless you are actually looking to buy something, there will not be much for you to do. But it is definitely worth the trip. The flying fish is very cool. Not only do the fish sellers throw fish around but they also sing and tell jokes to the crowd to get them to buy some fish. But most of the people there are tourists watching the show. You do not have to wait long. They display the fish upfront for examination. When someone chooses a fish to purchase, it gets taken out and thrown to another fellow in the back to filet and wrap.

When you go to Seattle, make sure to make a stop at Pike Place Market. It is a one of a kind place that will stay in your memories for a long long time.