Cheap Vacations - Rent an RV!

by : meegwell

Typically vacations are something you have to save up for a long time but that does not have to be the case. If you are looking for a cheap vacation look no further than the open road! A vacation on the road can be the best form of cheap vacation you could possibly think of. RVs can be rented for a modest price and you are not only getting your transportation, but you're also riding in a traveling hotel! If you like your RV cheap vacation, consider purchasing one and reap the rewards as you travel several times throughout the year.

Depending on the size of your family or number of friends you will be traveling with, there is an RV out there to fit your crew. They are available for purchase from RV-specific dealers or you can just consider renting one. Don't forget about the after-market for a great deal on a used RV.

When it comes to children, a cheap vacation can quickly become difficult if you're cooped up in a car or in a small hotel room. With an RV, you can basically bring all the amenities from home since you essentially have a living room, kitchen, and sleeping quarters. If it time for a nap, they can go off in a bedroom and not be bothered by other things going on in the RV. Television? Not a problem on an RV as the generator will keep you plugged in during your trip. Go ahead and hook up a DVD player to entertain the little rug rats with Sponge Bob or even a video game system so the kids will forget they even left home. I mean hey, lets face it, it's really your vacation and you just need to make sure the kids are happy and don't get bored!

Back to the cheap vacation issue, just think of your RV as a traveling hotel room. All the money you are saving by staying in your RV can be used for other things. Bring your RV to the beach, the mountains, or a country getaway. The sky (or I should say road) is the limit. Most typical vacation spots have special areas for RVs. You are not limited to campgrounds. Beaches are a particularly popular place for RV vacations. You can even rent a beach-front parking space complete with electrical and water hookups to to create your own little water front paradise.

Keep in mind that as you travel along the roadways in your RV the options are limitless for stopping at your leisure. You can have many different "mini vacations" along the way and between your major stops. Just research your route and choose some select "hot spots" that are great for site seeing or whatever.

If your RV does not have a shower and the thought of staying in a shower-less campground scares the marbles out of you, consider staying at one of America's hot springs. You can sleep in your tent outside of your RV site at night and jump in the soothing, cleansing warm spring water each morning. It's a great compromise to those not willing to do the all-out nitty-gritty camping experience that may leave them wallowing in their own funk by the end of the trip.

Simply put, there are countless places to park your RV and enjoy a cheap vacation like no other. If you consider the several hundred dollars PER NIGHT it may cost you to stay in a comfortable hotel, along with the hassles of checking in and checking out, the RV starts to make a lot of sense for a great cheap vacation.