Believe In YourselfDont Give Up!

by : JoePolish

I sometimes hear the frustration in people's voice that they've been at something for two or three months. They've been at something for 90 days and it hasn't changed. I asked James Ray to help me understand why he didn’t give in after six years.

Three years ago he knew he was going to get on Oprah, but it hadn't happened yet. Two years ago he knew, and a year ago he knew it was going to happen, but it hadn't quite happened. At any time he could have quit and said this stuff doesn't work.

Here is how James responded: I had my moments. Two years ago I was in the Sinai Peninsula, and I was preparing to scale Mount Sinai. I spent the night in Moses Cave on top of Mount Sinai where he got the Ten Commandments, and I could tell you all kinds of stories about that one. It was amazing, but I was at a point in my life where I totally related to the Children of Israel. I'd read the Old Testament story, you know, I had felt for so long this promise and I wrote this Science of Success in 1998.

I knew these laws. I felt I was moving to the Promised Land and everything was going to happen for me. Two years ago in the Sinai Peninsula, I was in this mood of saying that I was forsaken. You know what, God, I have worked my tail off, why have you forsaken me?

I aligned with how they must felt being lost in the desert after getting their freedom from Egypt and so my encouragement to you is that then, of course I scaled Mount Sinai and spent the night in Moses Cave and came out totally rejuvenated and totally inspired and totally replugged in.

You're gonna have those times, even when you teach this stuff. You're going to have those times when you're looking at the physical results and you're going, man, this is too hard. I've been working too long, and it's not working. That's okay, because if it's just a moment or a day or two as long as that's not your consistent ongoing vibration, it's okay. It’s part of being human, and so take it easy on yourself because you know, it's kind of like a person who goes on a diet and they can't... and they go out and have a big pizza and they go Man, I've blown it, I'm such a loser. Well, okay, it's over now, I might as well just eat whatever, cause I've already blown it. Well, no you haven't. You know, you had one meal.

I had a little time in the desert where I was feeling forsaken, but I got back on track real fast. So, be kind to yourself. We all have ups and downs. There's always a valley before the peak.