Window Cleaning Tips

by : paola_kiara

There is no need of pointing the reasons why it is better to have clean windows no matter whether it is about your home or office. It's obvious that in this way you are going to have better view, heat efficiency and of course your home will build for yourself more pleasant image in the eyes of your neighbors. But perhaps the most important reason for cleaning our windows is in the name of the good maintenance of the glass. Maybe it's not so popular fact, but with the passing years the quality of the glass we use for our windows is degrading, because of the hard minerals and other contaminants which are ruining its structure. That's why it's better to take care for the glass by frequently cleaning its surface in order to save it for long time use.

For the proper maintenance you can use the services of a professional or you can instead take care for it by yourself, which won't be too hard if you follow some simple rules. What about the ways you can clean your windows? For the lower ones, those you can easily reach, there is nothing more appropriate than a sponge and a bucket with warm water. It doesn't have to be hot, just warm enough to wash the dirt of the glass. In case you have some paint spots and you want to get rid of them you can manage to do this only by a razor scraper. Wet the area where the spot is placed and then scrap it in one direction only if you want to avoid scratching. When you are wetting the surface be aware that you don't need too much liquid to clean the glass, only be careful for covering the entire area of the glass and after that is the squeegee turn.

Start to wipe the window from top to the bottom since this is the way you want water to go. When you finish with every pass, wipe the squeegee with a rag, because if it's too wet it will leave lines on your window and the whole effect of cleaning will be ruin. If you are afraid that it takes a lot of time, don't pay attention to this, after some practice it will be much faster and of course squeegee is taking less time if you do this by a cloth. The perfect time for cleaning the windows is the weather which isn't too sunny and still not raining. The reason for this advice is that if you clean your windows when the sun is shining too brightly the solutions which you have used to wet the glass will dry before you have clean it with the squeegee and then you'll have to wet it again.

Many people keep forgetting the fact that the squeegee isn't a tool for cleaning windows. Actually it is build for their drying. So if your windows are too dirty with various heavy fingerprints, greasy sports or other stubborn sorts of grime then you should first clean them with the solution you have used for wetting the glass and by washing with the sponge.

For the higher windows the principle is the same except that you need an extension pole for reaching them and of course a strip washer. Remember that you also need a holster when you are starting in order to keep your hands free. When you finish with the cleaning and you see the results that don't satisfy you like for example a streaky glass when the sun shines the possible reasons might be that you haven't put enough efforts in washing the glass or perhaps the squeegee wasn't dry enough when you have use it.