Cordless Power Tools or Electric Power Tools?

by : cnicholas

Power tools in general are a great designed tool that have a lot of uses and are relatively cheap. But when you decide to buy a power tool, how do you know whether to buy cordless or electric? They are both great power tools and it all depends on where and how you will be using your power tools that will determine what kind you should invest your money in.

Cordless power tools are relatively new compared to electric power tools. They have a light weight, compact design for less user fatigue and ease of use. They can go anywhere because they are battery operated and only require an outlet for charging purposes only. Most Cordless power tools range from 12 to 24 volts and have an average battery life of 2 hours.

Even though cordless power tool batteries have made leaps and bounds in technology for larger capacity batteries with longer lifetimes, electric power tools have far more power than any cordless tools of the same style. Cordless power tools have to keep their batteries small and compact for a lightweight design. Cordless power tools are not able to produce the same amount of torque and speeds compared to electric power tools.

Electric power tools have revolutionized our way of life since the turn of the century. Since then, every building in our country has had some kind of help from power tools in the building process. They are a simple designed tool that only requires a power outlet to plug into for operation. Electric power tools have an incredible amount of torque and can run at amazingly high speeds up to 14,000 RPM’s and more. Electric power tools are always ready to be used as long as there is a nearby outlet for a power source.

Even though electric power tools have massive amounts of power, they still require a live power outlet to operate. But sometimes you might be a distance away from an outlet or have no outlet. That’s alright because you can run extension cords to your work area from a nearby outlet or generator. But then you have extra safety hazards when you have live power running through your work area that must be taken into consideration. Always properly check all of your extension cords before using them.

Cordless and Electric power tools are great to have around but do have their limitations just like all tools have. It depends on the style of work that you do and where you do your work that you should consider before making your next power tool purchase. Either way that you decide to buy, you will always get a great power tool that will last you for years to come.