Steel Garages: A Build It Yourself Car House

by : sfrom

You just bought an old ranch house. It's just the right size for you and your family. It has all the storage space you need, and all the little characteristics that create the perfect home for your family, but what about your car, or cars?

Garage Woes

Everything about your new home is wonderful, except the garage. Because the house is such an old model, the garage was built slightly after the house was. Unfortunately, the people that built the garage didn't drive a car, they drove a buggy, and now you're stuck wondering how you're going to get your minivan, sedan, and motorcycle all into that cramped little space. Its official, you can't! Here is where the problem lies; you just bought a house so you are tapped out on money, but you need a place to store your cars.

Here is an alternative to tearing down that old garage and having to build a new one: leave the old garage and use it as extra space, and build yourself a steel garage!

Customized Garage

A steel garage is the answer to all your garage woes! Steel garages are easy to build, you can put them where you want, you can customize the size, shape, roof, and placement of doors, and steel garages are considerably cheaper than having to build a whole new garage. Why would you want to go through the hassle and expense of building a new garage when a steel garage will meet your needs, without burning a hole in your pocket?

Sure, you say, this sounds great, but what about how tacky it will look? Here is a simple solution; paint it! Steel garages come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colors. There isn't one type of garage for every person. You essentially customize your own garage! So, if the garage looks tacky, it isn't the garage's fault!

Affordable Garage

When you build a steel garage according to standard garage building plans, you're steel garage can cost you up to 40% less than a normal wooden and concrete garage. That is a considerable amount of savings, especially when you consider how easy and convenient a steel garage is.

So, now that I have convinced you to go out, buy a steel garage kit, and build it yourself I can honestly say that you have made the right choice. In the end, you will have a garage that will fit your cars, and your family's needs, without having to sell your soul for the privilege.