5 Essential Home Cooling Tips

by : infocus

With the costs of cooling homes on the rise, and global warming making that task constantly more difficult, home owners are continuously looking for better, more inexpensive ways to cool their homes. The advice you find within this guide an aid you to manage your home and keep it nice and cool during the summer months. Some of these tips are free and just require an investment of a little bit of time and some require monetary investments but in the long run the tips mentioned here should help cut your energy bills.

1. Evaluate Your Home

In the event of a heat wave, you may be struggling to stay cool. This is not the time to evaluate your home for what you can do to make it more cool in the event of the heat wave. There will usually be at least one heat wave per year so plan ahead.

2. You Can Do These Yourself

- Get your air conditioner checked once a year
- Install a programmable thermostat
- Cleaning out your air ducts is a great first step towards breathing easier indoors
- Turn lights off when you leave your home
- Keep the sun out (and this the heat out) by keeping your blinds and curtain closed
- Buy some tans, even though fans only push are around, this still goes a long way in helping your keep cool

3. Go To Sleep Cool

Many times the effect of the heat result in you not being able to get to sleep. One thing you can try is to buy some cooler inserts, freeze them, then wrap them in towels and stick them in between your legs when you sleep. This may sound weird but it works to keep your body cool (at least until you can fall asleep).

4. Save Money On Home Cooling Systems

The best home cooling systems come complete with an outdoor central air cooling unit. Keep the grass mowed and all other debris out of the way of this large external box. As largely seen as one of the most innovative solutions to this problem, you will literally keep your cool for this step in the process.

5. Bolstering Your Defence Against The Elements

If you absolutely are torn between expanding to your home or picking up a better central air system, go for central air. A higher quality of oxygen in your home will lead to less or even no complications regarding dust and asthma. Moreover, it will allow you to get a more peaceful sleep at night.