Different Window Treatment Options

by : teahupoo

Most of us would consider the stage where we actually get to choose our window treatment as the best part of decorating our windows. The choice of styles, colors, and fabrics available is nothing short of fantastic. We are fortunate in that we are free to choose the type of fringing, cording, or borders that reflect our individual taste and lifestyle. We can also choose to take a specific color from our window treatment and use it to accent color, either in the same room or through the rest the house. In this way, we have the opportunity to add an extra touch of decorating flair to our environment.

If your decorating preference is to hang drapes in your home, you can choose from several styles of draperies and co-ordinating valances. These valances are available in many styles and can be shirred, pleated, swagged, or gathered in many different ways. Some will have scalloped edges, while others are flat. Both the traditional formal and more casual decorating choices can be accommodated by the use of draperies of some type. There certainly are enough choices to make the windows in your space reflect your personal taste.

If blinds or shades are the right choice for your room setting, you also have a variety of choices. Blinds are available made from such materials as aluminium, natural materials, or even wood. Mini blinds made of metal offer consumers many special options, such as a variety of sizes, an absolute rainbow of colors, a wide range of finishes, many cloth tapes, and numerous choices of header. Different privacy options, depending on the consumer's wants and needs, can be factored in as well.

Fans of natural products might want to consider including mini blinds made of wood in their decorating scheme. Wooden blinds can be purchased in a whole host of sizes. A wide range of color options are yours for the asking, along with a selection of finishes designed to complement a wide variety of decorating options. Natural blinds are once again readily available; most of us have seen bamboo blinds at some point. These blinds are available in both matchstick and sewn slats. Some newer types of natural blinds give off the appearance of being constructed out of fabric.

Perhaps a cellular or a fabric shade will create the atmosphere you are trying to create. Cellular shades are available in both see-through and opaque materials and will give a window treatment a very clean look. Fabric shades are available in such styles as Austrian, Roman, pleated, balloon, or bottom arched. Of course, the flat panel shades that most of us are familiar with are another viable option.