Air Conditioners: How Important Are the Looks?

by : rsbombard

When we decide to buy an air conditioners, one of the primary things that concern us is how the unit would look. Of course we also debate about the brand, the price and other things, but the looks always seem to be crucial in our buying decision.

In fact, many companies try to sell their products highlighting the looks of the unit rather than the functionality. The idea is that all air-conditioners at the end of the day will cool the rooms. The distinguishing factor would be how good they look. But really, how crucial are the looks of an air conditioners.

In a way they are. Just like any of the furniture in your room, the air-conditioner too would be visible and you surely wouldn't want a odd and ugly looking thing jutting out of your window or wall. It should ideally blend in with the decor of the room. At least it shouldn't be messing up if not adding to the style of your interiors.

If you plan to install a central air conditioning system, make sure that the outdoor compressor is installed under a shelter where the compressor will have enough shade. Believe it or not, this alone can reduce the energy consumption of the unit by 10 percent. Also ensure that there is a one-foot airflow all around the unit.

But are the looks of an air conditioners worth the kind of attention it gets. Frankly, no. there are much more important things about an air conditioners that needs to be taken account of, but are not. Like the efficiency of an air-conditioner.

There would be only a select few who actually give a second thought about the efficiency of an airconditioner. However, having an efficient air conditioner means you are going to save on your electricity bills. And the savings you can achieve can be quite something. In fact, you can save anything around 30 to 40 percent of the running costs of an air conditioner with a more efficient air conditioner.

We also hardly have a clue as to what capacity air conditioner we need for our room. To know that we first need to be sure about the dimensions of our room. And after that we can either do some reading and calculate ourselves the capacity of air conditioner we need or we can enlist the help of an expert, an experienced air-conditioner contractor.

Besides these things we also need to consider the sound that the unit produces. It is alright hat you have a sleek looking air conditioner in your living room, but you definitely wouldn't want a constant noise to mess up the environment. So look out for that bit too.