Boring Decor? Use A Room Divider To Add Interest

by : leedobbins

Whether you live in an openly built home or a studio apartment, decorating with a room divider can help your space go from drab to fab! You can easily use a room divider of any type to make your space more warm and intimate, which is what you want your home to be all about. Although open floor plans are more and more popular today, they are not always the best for creating a warm and inviting environment. So, there are many situations when decorating with a room divider can really help you create a cozier atmosphere for you and your guests.

You can use several different types of room dividers in many various locations in your home. If you have a kitchen with an eat in dining area, you may want to think about placing a room divider in between the kitchen and the eating area. This will allow you to form two separate areas instead of one open space.
In addition, you can start decorating with a room divider in a studio apartment to actually make distinct differences between your different living areas. A few screens can help you create a "bedroom" which can be very cozy indeed.

Room dividers are decorative as well as functional. Don't think of the divider as just a "short wall", when you are choosing your room divider, be sure to think of it's decorative appeal as well. Today, there are room dividers that can go with almost any decor. If you have an Asian theme, then you might consider looking at some bamboo or shoji screen room dividers. An antique theme will benefit from some of the beautiful antique style room dividers available either in woods or hand painted scenes. A contemporary decor will look great with a leather room divider, or if you want something more open for a smaller space, choose a stainless steel room divider with geometric shapes.

Another practical purpose of the room divider is to hide clutter. For instance if you have an area of your home, where the children keep their toys or where your laundry piles up, you can use a decorative room divider to help you hide this from your guests. In less than five minutes you can throw everything behind the screen up against a wall and never have to worry about them seeing a thing. Decorating with a room divider adds flair, creates comfortable areas, and can help you clean up in a flash.

Room dividers can be used to divide spaces, but also look great just flat against the wall. Using a room divider can give the appearance of a large mural or painting without having to actually paint a mural on the wall. You can use one as a headboard and they even look great behind the couch as a focal point.

No matter where you decide to use your room divider, you'll love this unique and versatile way of decorating.