Why Duct Cleaning Prices Differ so Greatly

by : vstar650

As the owner and tecnichian of a professioanl Duct Cleang business, I am often asked why the prices differ so much amongst all the Duct Cleaning companies in my region, consumers wonder why one Duct cleaning company (we'll call company A) will charge $200.00 for their service, while another Duct cleaning company (company B) will charge $600.00 for essentially the same service.

From my many years of experience in the Duct Cleaning trade I have found that most companies such as company A, that charge a very low price, will typically try to up sell extra services once they are in your home or they will simply do a very poor job in a short period of time, these extra services may include things like

-Creating extra access holes
-Cleaning the A/C coils
-Cleaning the furnace conveyance compartment
-Inspecting the humidifier
-Applying a system sanitizer
-Cleaning the air cleaner
-Carbon monoxide testing
and the list goes on....

Companies such as Company B that charge a hefty price, are often companies that are subcontracting their services out, in other words you may think that you are hiring that "Big Department Store Chain" when in actual fact they are subcontracting their work out to other duct cleaning companies.

Companies that operate in this fashion are typically more expensive because there are several people sharing a piece of the same pie.

Other reasons may simply be that the company has a large overhead with several employees, therefore they must inflate their prices to cover their expenses.

Consumers often choose the larger companies simply because they have a big fancy advertisement in the yellow pages.

My opinion is this...It's not the big fancy ad that will be cleaning your air ducts, so don't be lulled into a false sense of security on the merits of an advertisement, be sure to do your home work, because a little research goes a long way

Quite often it's the smaller independently owned and operated Duct Cleaning companies that will do superior work, after all, they generally get most of their work by way of referrals.

Another thing to consider is that the smaller companies have far less overhead which means that they are able to pass some of that savings along to you.

So next time you hire the services of a Duct Cleaning company don't just choose the one with the lowest price or the one with the big fancy advertisement, be sure to get references, check them out with your local BBB and make sure that they are licensed and insured.

Do your home work and choose wisely.