Build Your Home Yourself

by : teahupoo

The homebuilding industry has this aura of mystery and awe around it for a lot of people who think that they cannot possibly build their own home. Many mistakenly believe that to build your own home you must know everything about every part of the process of building a home. The fact of the matter is that most people including contractors don?t know every phase and that is why subcontractors are used. We may know a little bit about electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry or even be able to tile our own floor but it is doubtful that we know how to build a house without doing some research.

First off, it is totally unnecessary to understand exactly how everything works to be able to do something. I have no idea how my TV gets 200 channels from a Satellite hundreds of miles above me but I still watch it. I have no idea how my wireless Bluetooth headset works that I am using to talk on my cell phone that I also don?t get the concept of while I am typing this article on my computer.

The point I am trying to make here is that it is not a prerequisite to be a wealth of knowledge about an endeavor in order to participate in it. With an internet connection the knowledge of the entire world is literally at your fingertips so there is virtually nothing that you cannot learn to do if you have the desire and the inclination.

The way the building process normally works is that we purchase a home from a builder who has a general contractor?s license. What does this mean? It means in most cases the general contractor really does nothing more than manage several subcontractors who actually do all the work of building the home. In many cases, they even have supervisors who watch the subcontractors so they aren?t even involved in that!
So why can?t you do that? In actuality there is no reason you can?t. All you have to do is pay a general contractor to help you with the permitting process, which many are willing to do because it basically money for nothing for them. You simply act as the general contractor yourself and manage the hiring and supervision of subcontractors yourself and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process and still have the house of your dreams.

Now that you see it isn?t all that difficult you should try to build your next home yourself and save that money for something else, like retirement and vacations.