Fireplace mantels Make Your Fireplace Look Great

by : hunter

Fireplace mantels can make your fireplace look great. If you have a simply, plain looking fireplace then you can change the look drastically by adding a simple mantel over your fireplace. However, this can be expensive and in most cases people cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars and ready made mantel to install over your existing fireplace.

If you cannot afford to buy a ready-made mantel then you still have choices. If you are or know someone who is handy with tools then you can make your own mantel that will make your fireplace look great. Below are steps to making the perfect looking mantel for your fireplace.

1.Before begin assembling any form of mantel you should remove any thing around your existing fireplace that will impair your work. For example if you have fireplace doors on your fireplace then you should remove them before starting work.

2.To prepare the fireplace for a mantel then you should install the brackets or mounts on which your mantel will be placed. The place in which this brace will be installed in up to the your the homeowner as you know where you want your mantel will look like. The standard height for a fireplace mantel is around sixty inches off the floor. To find the place where you want your mantel to sit your need to measure your fireplace, then measure from the floor.

3.You should always ensure that everything you are installing is level. When you install the brace you need to ensure that this brace is level with the floor and the ceiling. If not then when you stand back and look at the fire place then the mantel will appear off. In some cases if there is a slant in the floor or the ceiling you need to slant the mantel as well for it to appear level.

4.The shape of your mantel will depend on what you want it to look like. Every mantel will be different. Once the mantel is assembled you can mount your mantel on the brace. The mantel will be held in place with either nails or screws.

Your mantel can be simple or it can be fancy. This is up to you, the homeowner. Sometimes simple is better. If you are not sure what you have to do then you can talk to the professionals at your local hardware store. These people will be happy to assist you in any way.