Room Ideas for Empty Nesters

by : jraynal

The children have flown the coup and you are left with empty rooms. Instead of feeling the empty nesters blues, turn the negative energy into a positive experience. Set up an entertainment center, a game room or a home theater complete with home theater seating. This article gives ideas of different things to do with the now unused rooms.

Game Room
Got spare room? How about your own personal game room? Bring in the pool table, or if you want to be more hip-- how about the foosball table? If poker and card games are more your style, consider setting up a miniature casino in that extra room. Invite friends over a weekly social which includes friendly games. Include a music system or entertainment center complete with a play station in your game room to keep the younger generation entertained. If you decide to include an entertainment center in your game room use chairs designed for home theater seating to bring a touch of extravagant fun to the room. Watch TV in style.

Sewing Room
You can finally get a room where you lay out your sewing materials. Bring them down from storage in the attic. Invest in a new sewing machine that does all the neat embroidery tricks to stitch up unique gifts. Start making heirloom quilts for your children and grandchildren. Install cabinets to store all your fabrics, thread and sewing machines.

Library Retreat
Dedicate an entire room to reading. Get your books out of storage and start reading. A library is a novel idea. Retire to your library for sherry or port after dinner. Have your desk set up in the library. This is the room where you can sit and pay your bills, have your computer to write e-mails, write out notes to friends and plan your busy calendar. Invest in a comfortable recliner that is also used for home theater seating - these chairs are comfortable and cozy.

Home Theatre
A home theater is an extravagant and fun idea. This room can be the complete entertainment center, complete with comfortable home theater seating. Home theaters are the latest trend in home based entertainment venues.
Things to consider when you are setting up the room:
? Sound Proof the room - The grandchildren and spouse can get loud playing their video games.
? Light proof the room. The basement is a good location if it doesn't flood . Dark window shades can work just as well.
? Invest in an entertainment center that can house all your new electronic equipment. Entertainment centers come in a variety of styles and sizes, choose one that blends well with the decor of your room.
? Home theater seating is the sure bet to bring the home theater ambience to your room. Home theater seating should be comfortable. Home theater seating can be recliner chairs with cup holders or reclining sofas.

Whatever you decide to do with your extra rooms, make it a fun and enjoyable room. The room will serve as the entertainment center when your family and friends come to have fun.