Have Green In Your Yard All Year With The Ever Green Evergreen

by : leedobbins

For landscape artists, green is the perfect background. It provides tranquility and is cool in the eye. By staring at a green landscape, the eyes relax and are soothed.

Because ever green shrubs are in constant foliage all year round, these bushes are preferred by most gardeners (or people who love gardening.) Evergreen shrubs that have needles are used in hedges. They can be trimmed to a certain shape, thus made more appealing.

Here are some evergreen shrubs you might want to consider planting in your garden.

1. Glossy Abelia
Comes from Chinese shrubs it has a dark green foliage. It is very compact it can be molded into perfect mounds.

2. Flowering Maple Bush
Usually four inches, flowering maple bush continues to flourish even during winter. They are referred to as 'maples' because of its shape. Alternate name is "Chinese Lanterns".

3. Wickwar Flame
During spring and summer, wickwar flame has lime green leaves on the sides of its branches. When fully exposed to the sun, it shows shades or orange and yellow. Then when autumn and winter comes, the leaves become red.

4. California False Lilac
Often blooms on April to July. Its peak is during May and June. It blooms again during autumn.

5. Dwarf Evergreens in Bowls
If an ever green is planted in a bowl, caring for it is easier. Often times, these ever greens in pots are given as gifts. Dwarf evergreen in bowls do not require much watering but they shouldn't be exposed under the sun too much.

6. Cream Ball
The foliage of this yellow-green shrub turns white. It is perfectly round, similar to a shape of a softball. Later on, they become shaggy. Clipping must be done once in a while.

7. Mexican Orange Blossom
Its leaves are narrow and has a glossy green color. When it blooms, the flowers come in the form of clusters, thus getting the name 'orange blossoms.' It is small and has large pink buds which open. The buds have a pink blush underneath the petals. It usually blooms from April through June. It also blooms again in September and October.

8. Pink Rock Rose
Because of its pre-pubescent stems, the pink rock rose earned the nickname 'hairy rockrose.' It neither comes from a thorned rose nor a rose family. It is a low-growing shrub. It has gray green leaves and multiple pink flowers. The flowers bloom only in one day, but you would hardly notice its short life span because it keeps on flowering week after week.

9. Spanish Gum Cistus
It is three to four feet high and is very wide. It has long slender green leaves. Underneath, it has a grayish green color. It usually blooms in summer. Spanish Gum Cistus is often used for flavoring and also for perfume.

10. Silver Pink Rock Rose
It is tissue-paper thin. It has a pinkish color and also has bits of yellow and white. Its length is two inches and blooms in May and lasts until July. The shrub normally lasts for only one day, two day max, but because it produces continuously you would hardly notice it diminishing.

11. Rock Rose
Nickname is 'Elma.' These big flowers are similar to white roses. They bloom in May til July. It has a shiny evergreen foliage and smells wonderful when you whiff it in the air.

12. White Rock Rose
It starts blooming in May and this continues until August. It grows to four feet and has a long life span. When it reaches it third year, it is at its peak and is even able to reach five feet. The owner can sheer it if he wants it shorter.

Because shrubs are easier to take care of than your usual plant, gardeners or people who love to garden often have these in their lot. Choose the right shrub that is right for your terrain. Study the conditions of the ground you will plant it in.

The ironic thing about evergreens is that when winter comes, some of them changes their color to orange. But then again, there are some shrubs that stay the same color green all year round.

Evergreens are for those who don't have to think too much about gardening. But that does not mean they do not care to their plants. Ask the nearest plant expert to assist you with what your evergreen needs. But if you do want a plant and just don't have the time for it, get those one in pots. The Dwarf Evergreen is perfect for you then.