The Joy Of Water Garden Design

by : languagemaster

Planning and creating a water garden is a complex exercise in aesthetics. In the process of constructing a visually harmonious water garden that is pleasant to look at, you will develop skills that will serve you well in many other realms of your life. The process of arranging a balance of different kinds of plants and animals in order to create an overall impression of lushness while still maintaining calm will develop your visual sense so that you will start to look at everything with the eyes of a professional designer.

Although working on your water garden won't teach you all of the lingo of art and design, but it will teach you many of the fundamental concepts. Paying close attention to how your water garden looks will teach you to notice things like how effective it is to balance elements of vertical and horizontal interest, and how crucial a sense of texture is to creating an enjoyable visual experience. Although this kind of terminology may sound foreign, the concepts behind it will become very familiar to you in the course of creating a beautiful water garden. When you decide that a relatively flat blooming flower like a water lily looks most appealing next to a very tall flower like a bird of paradise, or when you notice that a pile of very smooth rocks is more appealing when placed near a spongy cluster of moss, you are teaching yourself these basic concepts.

A water garden gives you a playground where you can let your creativity run free. As you spend more time arranging and rearranging your water garden, you are sure to develop a better sense of what does and does not please the eye. A water garden gives you a relaxing, pressure free zone in which to explore your personal aesthetic sense and gain a fuller understanding of visual harmony through trial and error and experimentation. Once you have spent some time with your water garden, you will start to see the whole world through the accomplished, finely honed eyes of a professional designer. A water garden will teach you to look not only for what is there, but for what could be, a skill which will enable you to see the possibilities for improvement in your interior and exterior decor.

When you learn to create a pleasant and beautiful water garden, you are learning the refined design skills that will help you see the visual potential throughout your home and yard. Using a water garden as a self contained learning zone is a great way to develop your personal style that are the building blocks of creating a home and yard that perfectly reflect your unique taste. Educating yourself about how to create an attractive water garden is a great first step in learning to develop the kind of effortless decorating style that people associate with professional designers.