Selecting Roses For The Garden

by : leedobbins

Roses are a favorite plant for landscaping and can be used in a variety of ways. These beautiful flowers can make the exterior of any home more elegant and inviting and choosing the right ones that will compliment your landscape and add to the style of your home is an important task.

Fortunately, the number of ornamental landscape roses make finding them an easy task. The difficulty consists of choosing the right ones from this variety. There are a number of classes of roses whose characteristics make them great for use as landscape ornamentals. For instance, the gardener who wants to grow roses up and over an archway or a trellis may want to use tall growing tea roses. Tea roses are renowned for their nodding blooms, therefore all who pass under the arch would be treated to the beautiful sight of roses in full bloom.

Roses are commonly seen climbing a wall or an arbor. For this type of landscape, the true climbing rose is the best choice. True climbing roses can be trained to many different effects, including climbing up the length of the structure, or accenting the tops and sides of a wall or building.

If you want a great background rose bush, the Polyantha or modern day Floribunda is a perfect match. These rose bushes have large sprays of blooms and can go well in a garden next to the house or anywhere that your landscape needs color.

Some rose bushes are rather large and should be planted at the back of your garden, but there are miniature or low growing China roses that are perfect to plant in front of other plants. Roses can even be used as hedges, with modern Shrub roses and Rugosa roses being excellent choices.

Color is an important consideration for your roses and you need to think about where you will be planting the roses and what color is needed for that area. Luckily, roses come in many shapes, sizes and colors so there is a rose for every spot in the garden.

When picking a rose plant for a certain area, be sure that it complimentsthe surrounding landscape. For instance, a spray of plain white tea roses can be striking against a dark red brick home, or an arrangement of pink roses can be the perfect compliment to a stone or marble entranceway. With so many colors of roses to choose from, it should be easy to find colors that compliment and enhance any decorating scheme.

One popular trend in the world of landscaping is to use a variety of different plants and flowers in the landscape. Whereas single species landscaping was in vogue a few years ago, most of today's gardeners like to use a mix of different colors, species and styles of plants. Doing so not only makes for a vibrant garden, but it is thought to enhance the health of the soil as well.

Due to the large variety, roses work well in every concievable place in the garden and can be a beautiful part of an overall landscape of plants and flowers. There is also a rose for every climate so gardeners everywhere can enjoy this beautiful and timeless flower.